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SWAMP THING Characters:

The Phantom Stranger used to star in a back-up feature in the early SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING issues. Although he first appeared in PHANTOM STRANGER #1 (1952), nobody knows much about him other than he has appeared to assist many DC heroes.

Alan Moore wrote one of four possible origins for the character in the intriguing SECRET ORIGINS #10 in 1987 (pictured at left). Moore proposed that the Stranger was an angel whose ambilvalence towards Lucifer's rebellion against God caused him to be barred from heaven. (Etrigan is mentioned.)

Notable appearances in SWAMP THING:

Aiding ST in rescuing Abby from hell

On the Monitor's satellite during the Crisis.

Present with Deadman, Dr.Fate, the Demon, the Spectre, et al at the emerging of the Ultimate Evil.

Pays his respects at ST's funeral.

Etrigan the Demon prevents the Phantom Stranger from interfering during the conception of ST and Abby's child.