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Okay Thanx to all these people:
Mallory a.k.a Chikamunk!!Itchy Cheese is da best!!
Mommy and Daddy yay!
Elizabeth(want a breast shield?)
Amanda(something is terribly wrong with her...)
Ariel(what are you talking about?)
Meghan(woo hoo!! She likes to read!!Just Kidding Meggaghan!)
Sarah(Tell Pepper that I am not his territory anymore!!)
Stephanie(whoa!! A blonde chick!! Steph you know i am just playin')
Iris(you and michael need to stop with all that PDA!! DO you knwo how sickening that is?)
Jamel(why am I thanking you?)
Alyssa(again, why am I thanking you?)
Um everybody else in the crew.Ya'll think that's funny?And to um some more people. Oh yeah and to Robin, Sandi,and all my online friends. and to Krissandra. I don't know why I am thanking you. But I know if I didn't put your name in here you would've gone all out up in here, up in here!!

yep that'a ll I have to thank. Say nice tings about me and maybe I will just put YOUR name up in here, up in here!!