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My Inspiration

Okay people. You guys must be wondering who got me interested in singing.Well, I have not always wanted to be a singer.Before I wanted to be a doctor, scientist, or author. I never had any plans to be famous.but now all of a sudden I am so interested in singing it's not even funny! SO now I must tell you who it was that got me interested. Well it was :::::drumroll::::: Christina Aguilera.

You all must be saying WHAT!!! CHRISTINA AGUILERA??? Well yeah! Christina Aguilera. I first heard Christina Aguilera sing when I got the Mulan soundtrack. Reflections was my fave song on that cd. I was wondering who it was that was singing that song. I had never heard of Christina Aguilera. Then she came out with "Genie In a Bottle" It was a great song and I finally figured out who Christina Aguilera was. I thought she had a great voice and she had genuine talent.That is when I became interested in singing. I would sit there and think," I wish I could do that. I want to be up on stage like Christina, with millions of people yelling my name". So I decided to give it a try. I started singing all the time.I would sing along to the radio, cd's, the tv. And here I am now. Making a webpage, working on a demo tape hoping to get discovered. Well now that you have figured out who my inspration is. You can go home now! Yippe! Click the back button!