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All About Me

I am guessing you want to know about me. you clicked on the link didn't you? Well okay.

Name: Loren Hulen
Sign: Taurus
age: 13
sex: female
fave color: blue,black and purple
fave movies: Deep Blue Sea, The Lion King( can you feel the love tonight?),Scream 3
fave tv shows: The Simpsons,Friends,TRL,Caitlin's Way,Kenan and Kel,Webriot.
fave musical artists: BSB,Christina Aguilera,Jessica Simpson,Sisqo(let me see the thong!),TLC,Mandy Moore,Britney Spears,DMX,98 Degrees, Hot Boys,Toni Braxton,Aaliyah,Monica, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182.
least fave musical artist: Nsync
fave saying: Behave now!
fave inside jokes: Breast Shields!/ Want some itchy cheese?/ Body shield!/ hold me./ Glokensholen!
fave BSB: Kevin Richardson
fave song: The One by BSB, and Party Up by DMX
fave music video: Quit Playing Games With My Heart by the BSB (that video just cracks me up! Nice "dancing" Nick!)

Well dat's bout it. You may click the back button now.