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Angelfire - poompoom500x Page 5 (12-14-2019)

First things first. Please read this important message - click here.

"There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit." (John 3:1-8).


Here are prayer request that yours truly have at the present time. (1) My family - for their salvation. (2) My co-workers at Newark Liberty International Airport - for their salvation. (3) And for the LORD's chosen ones who work at EL AL Airlines - that they may hear the good news and receive the LORD JESUS as their MESSIAH, (4) Plus please pray for my co-workers at Papa John and Federal Express - that the LORD would send labourers their way to tell them of the SAVIOUR.



DATE: January 1, 2019 (Tuesday) -- Continuation from page 4 of this blog. Thank you, O LORD GOD, for this day that YOU have given me by YOUR infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS!

The blessed LORD GOD, FATHER in heaven, has given this day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS, once again. We (I am) are so undeserving sinners, but GOD is so gloriously gracious, holy, pure and good (yet with HIS sovereignty, HE bestows on us the magnificent display of HIS love for us - in that while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us).

DATE: January 6, 2019 (Sunday) -- The good LORD GOD has given me another day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS. The LORD GOD has allowed me to enjoy this one more year of HIS long-suffering, and grace in being able to read HIS HOLY WORD.

By the LORD's grace, I was able to read through the book of Proverbs. And am now reading through Ecclesiastes. And this book deals with "vanities", as Solomon pointed out in the very frist lines of the book.

DATE: January 12, 2019 (Saturday) -- I thank the LORD GOD always for HIS infinite mercies and grace to me in CHRIST JESUS, and in HIM alone!

By GOD's grace alone, I have read through Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. And now I am reading through Isaiah, a major prophet. In Proverbs, I get to learn of the divine wisdom (even of the LORD JESUS); then in Ecclesiastes, I learn of the 3 main things in real life, which are vanity under the sun; that apart from having CHRIST JESUS in your life, all things are vain, futile, and without real peace and meaning; and that all things - all good things are from the LORD GOD, and are to be enjoyed; and finally that the fear of the LORD is the ultimate response to life.

TIME: 11:20PM -- Thank the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, FATHER in heaven, for this time that HE has given me once again (all because of the LORD JESUS). I had been thinking of the books written by Solomon under the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT for us. And as was told us by the LORD GOD HIMSELF, that all of scriptures is written by inspiration of the LORD GOD, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for instruction in righteousness. Proverbs is for practical living, Ecclesiastes is for letting us know how short life is, and Song of Solomon is a picture of the love of GOD for HIS chosen ones.

DATE: January 14, 2019 (Monday) -- I thank the LORD GOD for this new day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS.

All of the LORD's HOLY WORD is inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT; so Song of Solomon is inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT for our instruction. It looks like the book, Song of Solomon, speaks of love relationship between the bride and the groom (Solomon). NOTE: Reverend Billy Graham said that his record has already been made, and this struck a cord. It has been 39 years since the SAVIOUR saved me. But all I do is mess up. Dr. Billy Graham remained faithful all those years. NOTE: Also, the LORD GOD has allowed me to live another day to read HIS HOLY WORD. I tend to take for granted the immense freedom that HE gives us (me) to read the Bible, to even have the Bible.

DATE: January 26, 2019 (Saturday) -- Thank YOU, O LORD GOD, for the many things, the many blessings that YOU give me everyday, this day, every precious single day; all in CHRIST JESUS, our HIGH PRIEST, blessed SAVIOUR, LORD of all.

I thank the good LORD GOD for the resources (like E-Sword) that HE has provided for me - it gives me helpful informations (on Isaiah 8). The LORD GOD, in HIS faithfulness to HIS own (people), didn't just leave Israel in their pitiful condition (sinfulness - drowning in their sins), but kept sending HIS messengers, HIS servants the prophets, to persuade them to turn around, to repent! And one of these servants is Isaiah.

TIME: 6:11PM -- I was just thinking of how the nation of Israel (Judah in general) must have sinned so badly that the LORD GOD had to send HIS servant, Isaiah, to wake them up of their sins against the LORD GOD! Just as what Dr. John MacArthur said - that GOD used the crucifixion to accomplish HIS purpose not despite of it, but through it! That even in the darkest time of HIS people, Israel/Judah, GOD shines HIS glorious redemption plan in CHRIST JESUS in prophetic declarations (Isaiah 9)! "The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined." (Isaiah 9:2). Here is the blessed hope that only GOD can give to us, who are deep in pitiful sin bound for eternal separation from the glory of the GOD of hope: HE shines HIS light in this dark world.

DATE: January 31, 2019 (Thursday) -- I thank the LORD GOD always for all things, even tough a times I feel disappointed, and even discouraged, and anxious - just because HIS HOLY WORD says so, that in all things give thanks. The LORD GOD is the soveriegn LORD, GOD CREATOR! And HE is ever good, pure, holy, kind, and righteous (as seen in the LORD JESUS).

Changes are coming my way. Looks like I have to go to another apartment. And I am constantly seeking the LORD GOD for help regarding this things.


DATE: February 3, 2019 (Sunday) -- Thank you, O LORD GOD, for this one more new day, precious day. All in CHRIST JESUS. As the LORD"s grace helps me in reading HIS HOLY WORD. NOTE: I am not sure if I can even go to that part where I can go over each book in the Bible with in depth study. I need the LORD's grace on this - studying and reading HIS HOLY WORD,

Isaiah - the LORD GOD has chosen and anointed Isaiah to be HIS spokesman to the people of Judah, and to the nations; condemnations to Egypt, Moab, Edom. Isaiah must be very unpopular! But by the LORD's grace, Isaiah was faithful.

GOD's HOLY WORD, he only accurate record there is on earth on humanity, tells of Isaiah having a vision (Isaiah 1:1) - the way of the LORD GOD in revealing HIS WILL, in revealing what is in HIS sovereign mind, "The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz...".. Isaiah saw the vision (and Isaiah was fully awake) by the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD concerning Judah and Jerusalem. Judah is the southern kingdom, and Jerusalem is the holy city in Judah. GOD made a covenant with Judah that it wouldn't lose a king in its line of royalty.

Song of Solomon -- "The song of songs, which is Solomon's" (Song of Solomon 1:1). Here is the wrtitten record of the best of all songs, by inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD. Then the song continues with the bride/Shulamite lady asking for romance with Solomon, ""

DATE: February 9, 2019 (Saturday) -- Thanksgiving, glory, honour, and praise ve to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, in CHRIST JESUS, LORD and SAVIOUR.

The good LORD GOD, FATHER in heaven is ever so good, gracious, and longsuffering to me, to usward, in gfiving us so many blessings that we do not deserve; and being to merciful to us, not willing that any of us perish, but that all should come unto repentance. And HE showed us HIS great love for us in the cross - where HE sent HIS only begotten SON to suffer and die for us!

I watched "Mully The Movie" yesterday, and was both inspired and discouraged at the same time. Charles Mully was and continues to be blessed and used by the LORD to start a ministry for orphans. The LORD GOD blessed Charles so much, just like Billy Graham, in reaching out to people, kids, and continues to the present day. Unlike me. It has been 39 years and I really have nothing to show. I had been so selfish, satisfying my own desires rather than giving my life to HIM (the LORD JESUS) who died for me, to save me from my sins. There was the one scene where Charles was driving after having ne of his cars stolen, and pulled over and cried, asking what the LORD had him do? And from then on, he gave up his pursuit fopr living for money and start living for CHRIST instead.

For more information about Charles Mully, click here.

The book of Isaiah: Isaiah had to go through different political environments from 4 different kings, namely Uzziah, Lotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah (Isaiah 1:1). In the next verses, and in the next chapters, Isaiah faithfully declared GOD's WORD to a sinfuk people - people chosen by the LORD GOD HIMSELF to be HIS people, but they have sinned, and gone backwards.

"Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth:" (Isaiah 1:2). GOD ALMIGHTY had to have creation witness the despicable situation Judah had gotten into with her sins. "for the LORD hath spoken," (Isaiah 1:2b). All of creation witnesses our wickedness. It is because of our sin that the world groans when it was cursed. I am not sure if we here in the United States is in the similar situation, but I get the idea that the LORD GOD has been giving us a reprieve, just like what Dr. Michael Brown has said, by chosing and appointing Donald Trump to the office of the president of the US. The LORD GOD needed someone who will speak out and abolish the evils implemented by unbelievers, like abortion (Planned Parenthood advocating this), same sex (Sodom and Gomorrah), and doing away with the things of GOD!

"I have nourished and brought up children," (Isaiah 1:2c). The goodness of the LORD GOD gives those who are recipients of it nourishments

DATE: February 10, 2019 (Sunday) -- The blessed LORD GOD is gracious towards me again this day. And all because of the LORD JESUS, my blessed SAVIOUR/LORD, GOD the SON.

I am up to Isaiah 28 in my Bible reading, by the LORD's grace. Isaiah proclaims of the LORD GOD's will on different nations, as well as HIS chosen nation, Israel.

DATE: February 16, 2019 (Saturday) -- Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is wihin me; bless HIS holy name.

In Isaiah 1, the LORD GOD has brought to Judah's attenion their pesent condition - rebelling against the LORD. After the LORD GOD had handled them gently, adopted them for HIS own, and nourished them, blessed them so much (under David's reign); they still turned away from HIM., "Hear...: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against ME." (Isaiah 1:2).

DATE: February 17, 2019 (Sunday) -- I thank the good LORD GOD for this one more day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS.

"YOU are amazing GOD" (Laura Story). YOU who made all the stars in the sky, and gave each one their names!

TIME: 5:14AM -- The verdict has been given (from heaven), and it is not good. The chosen nation, the beloved city, the once beautiful in the LORD's sight, has become unfaithful! The verdict is guilty as charged. The LORD GOD created all things, and HIS creation obeys HIS sovereign will unquestioningly, except HIS chosen nation, "The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider." (Isaiah 1:3). What was once the nation who bears the light of GOD, now bears the darkness. The nation of Judah went through several kings before arriving at Uzziah, who is a contemporary of the servant of the LORD, Isaiah. I am thinking of the spiritual history of this nation, USA, and the many servants of the LORD that HE sent to this nation; William Booth, the Wesleys, Dr. Bob Sr., Billy Graham. You can see the decline of the nation in its acceptance of things that are against the LORD's commandments. One that is very current is the sex re-classifying (from he/she to ze).

"Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evil doers, children that are corrupters:" (Isaiah 1:4a). When Isaiah came to the scene, the kingdoms of both Judah and Israel has gone so far away from the LORD GOD, with Ahab as the worst wicked king of Israel. And as a result of their (our) sins, "they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the HOLY ONE of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward." (Isaiah 1:4b). The sin of a people ultimately results from leaving the GOD who loves them - forsaking the loving REDEEMER. Forgetting and taking lightly the salvation that HE has given them.

The priviledges, benefits, and many blessings of being in GOD's kingship are innumerable and beyond imagination; but the curses of doing evil, which is against the LORD's will (and hurts the REDEEMER's heart) are far worst. The evil one is so intent on destroying the LORD's own that he (Satan) will do anything to make GOD's people turn away from HIM. Notice the progression of the evil ones temptations in the lives of the kings of the chosen nation - David, who is the man after GOD's own heart; Solomon, reigned in unparalleled peace; Rehoboam, reigned in the first division of the nation, which is the southern Judah; Jeroboam, chosen by GOD to reign over the split northern kingdom, Israel, but he continued with Solomon's idolatry.


DATE: March 2, 2019 (Saturday) -- I thank the good LORD GOD for this one more day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS.

By the LORD's grace, I am now at Isaiah 56. I heard pastor Jack Hibbs expound on this book (and the announcer) that it is the only Old Testament book that tells of gospel of the coming Messiah, of the salvation of the Gentiles, and of the coming future events. Also, pastor Hibbs said that the prophets then had the special right to approach kings to proclaim GOD's word, like Billy Graham. And speaking of GOD's messengers/representatives, the apostle Paul was one. Back then, they didn't have the New Testament, so when someone becomes a beleiver in the LORD JESUS, they didn't have the New Testament writtings to guide them. They were mostly guided by the HOLY SPIRIT, and the apostles teachings.

DATE: March 16, 2019 (Saturday) -- The LORD GOD has given me this new day in HIS infinite tender mercies and grace - all in CHRIST JESUS

I am now reading through Jeremiah, and I thought of how the servants of the most HIGH GOD are human beings like us, and Jeremiah had to stand against these hard-headed people who man-handles the prophets. The only and the major difference is that the servants of the most HIGH GOD have HIM for thir GOD! The unbelievers may have their troops with them, but the prophets have the LORD GOD!

NOTE: The good LORD GOD has shown me mercy and I can sit for a while. (Thank YOU< O LORD GOD in JESUS' name).

Here is the US, I read, watch and lisen through the radio of the in-house fightings in politics. I can imagine (in a little bit) the hatred the prophets get from those who don't want to hear GOD's messages to them. GOD knws everything. HE watched HIS chosen people go from being holy to being wicked. I am wondering if what happened to them is like what is happening here (in the US). And as for my personal life, the LORD GOD knows everything about me.

DATE: Match 24, 2019 (Sunday) -- Glory, honour, thanksgiving, and infinite praise be to the LORD GOD, and FATHER in heaven, through the blessed LORD JESUS.

I am watching Franklin Graham and am encouraged with the grace given to him by the LORD GOD. He is faithful to the grace given him, faithfully ministering the gospel to all of these people all over the world. He is being used b the LORD GOD to bring people (souls) to HIMSELF. And here I am barely making a dent in the ministry of the LORD JESUS.

I am now at Jeremiah 21 going to chapter 22. Jeremiah was ministering to his own people. But his own people didn't want to hear his messages directly from the LORD GOD because his messages are messages of judgements, condemnation, and GOD's anger against them because of their sins. The northern part of Israel was already taken captive by the Assyrians, and was about to be taken by the Babylonians, and Zedekiah can sense it. The false prophets were so deluded that they (Pashur and company) think that they can avoid the impending conquest of the Chaldeans. The false prophets, false priests, and false ministers of the king of Judah were all against Jeremiah. They even got physical against Jeremiah. And Jeremiah felt it

DATE: March 28, 2019 (Thursday) -- To the LORD GOD always belong glory, honour, thanksgiving, and praise in CHRIST JESUS.

I am now at Jeremiah 31. This by the good LORD GOD's grace alone. Isaiah was killed in the most gruesome way. But Isaiah was a royalty. While Jeremiah was an ordinary guy, and he had to deal with people who were in high office. Jeremiah had to speak the words that the LORD GOD told him to tell them. And he was face to face with those whom he had to prophesy to. It must be awfully hard for Jeremiah specially when he knows that the people he will proclaim the words of the LORD GOD to are fighting against him.

DATE: March 29, 2019 (Friday) -- GOD ALMIGHTY, FATHER in heaven belong all glory and honour, all in CHRIST JESUS.

I am now a the part where Jeremiah was given by the LORD GOD messages to the captives a Babylon. Even when the people were being reproved because of their sins, GOD gives those who obeyed HIM HIS blessings in the foreign land.


DATE: April 2, 2019 (Tuesday) -- All by GOD's grace alone in CHRIST JESUS.

Am reading the book of Jeremiah, by the good LORD GOD's grace in CHRIST. And am seeing the nasty things that the people did to Jeremiah. The rulers of the people, the priests, etc... conspiring against him. They put him to jail, threw him in a mire pit, and accused him falsely. He was staying with his people in Jerusalem after it was besieged by the Chaldeans from Babylon, but the remnants keep doing Jeremiah wrong. And GOD kept vindicating Jeremiah. The fear of the LORD GOD has left the people in Judah. To make things worst, the false priest and prophets were deceiving themselves and the people.

By the LORD GOD's grace (in CHRIST JESUS), I am going to the book of Lamentations.

DATE: April 12, 2019 (Friday) -- The LORD GOD is high and lifted up; holy and sovereign over all.

I am at the library (5 corners), and was trying to read the scriptures but kept watching movies. I realize that time is GOD's gift to us, and we are mere stewards. And I have wasted most of the time that the LORD GOD has given me. Redeeming the time, specially now that I am retired and am into full-time in the ministry (?). I am trying to use the time to study the HOLY WORD; even the book of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Lamentations. I am now reading the book of Lamentations. So far, Isaiah and Jeremiah shows me the awful results of sin; of our sins against the LORD GOD of heaven. There is no place for sin in the LORD GOD. HE is holy. And the people HE has chosen for HIMSELF has rebelled against HIM in disobeying HIM and even proudly fighting against HIS goodness and perfect will; HIS plea for the people of Israel to repent, to turn from their sins, and come back to HIM and HE will abundantly pardon. But we do not want to heed GOD's warnings, GOD's heart-felt entreaty. And that is why we mess ourselves up. Isaiah kept telling the people to change their ways and turn from their wicked ways so this way, they can save themselves from the coming judgment (destruction of the kingdom of Babylon against them).

The pictures that Isaiah and Jeremiah portrays is so horrible: people getting killed by the sword, and others getting killed by diseases (pestilence), and others getting starved to death and resorting to cannibalism.

DATE: April 27, 2019 (Saturday) -- Glory, honour, thanksgiving, and praise belong to the LORD GOD alone! All in CHRIST JESUS, SAVIOUR and LORD!

By the LORD good mercies and grace in CHRIST, I looked at the invaluable tools in eSword and Bible Gateway web site; lke commentaries, encyclopedia, and other resources they offer. Resources that help to better understand and appreciate the HOLY BIBLE. And so far, I have read up to chapter 20 of the book of Ezekiel. Also I have been watching Manna Fest. And a thought came to me about studying GOD's HOLY WORD for ourselves. I learn a lot from Perry Stone but it is different from studying the Bible myself! Isaiah ministered to the people of Israel a litle before the northern kingdom was besieged by the Assyrians, while Jeremiah ministered to the people of Israel in the time just before the southern kingdom was besieged by the Babylonians. But Ezekiel ministered to the people of Israel when they were captured and taken to Babylon.


DATE: June 15, 2019 (Saturday) -- Yours truly is back, by the good LORD GOD's grace.

DATE: JUne 16, 2019 (Sunday) -- Glory, honour, thanksgiving, and praise belong only to the LORD GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

The LORD GOD has given me grace yesterday when I was doing my laundry; when I got to wake up from a decent sleep; and from the grasp of death once again. When I was doing my laundry, I saw people lined up at the Lutheran Evangelical Church waiting for the food hand outs. So I went there a little bit after and got some really nice and healthy food, by HIS grace alone, in CHRIST JESUS.

Also, just to re-collect the many good things that the LORD GOD has done for me: Three miracle healings HE did for me - the gall stone that really was painful, then he spine infection which is another painful situation/event, and congestive heart failure where my body parts were swollen painfully. Another reminder: It has been three months since the grace of GOD in CHRIST has allowed me to go full-time in the ministry (early retirement), along with the free lunch (for $1.25 donation).

DATE: June 19, 32019 (Wednesday) -- Thank the LORD GOD for this day that YOU have given me once again, and this in CHRIST JESUS.

My sister gave me some food, thank the good LORD GOD, and a supply of supplements for my health. And also, the LORD GOD helped me with the coding on the web sites of the churches (for the 2 churches that I am currently attending, FACRC and JIL) which do not have regular web sites.

DATE: June 23, 2019 (Sunday) -- Thank YOU, O LORD GOD, FATHER in heaven for this new day that YOU have given me (all because of the LORD JESUS). THY compassion fail not.

I am now at the book of Amos, by GOD's grace. Amos deals with different kingdoms, and their sins. And I am also watching/listening to Perry Stone on YouTube. And I am also trying to read the articles on the Street Preaching web site, which I think I am going to use later.


DATE: July 11, 2019 (Thursday) -- I thank the good LORD GOD for giving me this new day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS.

By the LORD's grace, I have been approved to receive SSI (Supplemental Security Income), and am waiting here at the Social Security office to finish process the approval.

DATE: July 23, 2019 (Tuesday) -- Thank YOU, O LORD GOD, for this day of grace (in CHRIST JESUS).

The LORD's grace gave me the time to read and meditate on HIS WORD, the book of Joel. This book of prophecy gives us a picture of the return of the LORD JESUS here on earth when the anti-christ will show himself to the world, and blaspheme the LORD GOD by wanting worship from the whole world. As well as a picture of the great tribulation! The prophet Joel didn't mention any time when the event occured or when the event will happen. All the prophet did was get the people's attention of the coming tribulation, Joel 1. "The word of the LORD that came to Joel the son of Pethuel." (Joel 1:1).

DATE: July 28, 2019 (Sunday) -- It's the LORD's day, Sunday, and I was given by the LORD GOD's grace in CHRIST JESUS to attend the church services, both at JIL (JESUS is LORD) church in the morning; and the FACRC (Filipino American Christian Reformed Church) in the afternoon.

DATE: July 30, 2019 (Tuesday) -- By the LORD GOD's tender mercies and grace, I was able to wake up with full strength to do the day's task. This is because of the grace in the LORD JESUS.

Something happened to me unexpectly this early morning. I was taking a shower when I slipped and fell on the floor. I took the shower pole and curtain along with me on the way down. But the LORD GOD and FATHER in heaven protected me. HE sent HIS angels to keep me from hitting my head or breaking my neck, or something even worst. But all I did was misplaced the toilet seat, and uninstall the shower pole and curtain. I put the shower pole and curtain up, replaced/re-strung the curtain back up, and finished my shower. Wiped the floor dry and got on with the day's task, thanks to the LORD GOD in CHRIST JESUS. And I am presently at the apartment using my laptop and my iPhone 5s for the internet.I am still reading the book of Amos. By the LORD's grace alone I was able to finish the book of Joel. I got to read a little of the book of Amos. That was when I read some parts of Matthew Henry's commentaries on the book.


DATE: August 7, 2019 (Wednesday) -- All is from the LORD GOD's grace alone. I have been given another day (day by day) to enjoy life abundant in the blessed SAVIOUR (the LORD JESUS).

I just got out of the hospital yesterday after the second stent operation with Dr. Raashan Williams at JCMC. And the good LORD GOD graciously watched over me all during the process. And I got the car back from the parking lot today, and it only cost me $6 for the overnight parking. But the main thing is, I was still able to go out today and hand out gospel tracts. The nurses there told me that I wasn't supposed to lift or drive after 24 hours of the operation, which was done yesterday at around 4PM. And I given the strength and care to do the tract distribution, but to also go to the free lunch and the library.

I have been reading up on Amos, and even consulted Matthew Henry's commentary on the book; and haven't much success in getting beyond the first chapter. When I do my daily reading at the library I get sleepy, so I wind up dozing off. But every oncce in a while, I find grace from the LORD to gleam some pithy full of blessings from HIS HOLY WORD. The LORD GOD uses all sorts of people from different classes of life. Here in Amos' book from the LORD, a sheep breeder is called to be the spokesperson of the LORD. Amos wasn't from a royal family. He was just an ordinary lay person. And he was not from a famous place, like Jerusalem, or any other place like that, but he is from Tekoa. From Dr. J Vernon McGee, I found out that Tekoa is a wilderness.

Amos lived during the reigns of Uzziah, king of Judah, and Jeroboam, king of Israel, which are between 791-740BC (Uzziah) and 793-753BC (Jeroboam II). Amos was a contemporary of other prophets, like Jonah, Hosea, and Isaiah. And he was speaking out against the neighboring nations for their cruelties against their captives. The LORD GOD does care about the persecutions of the "innocents". And HE does brings justice to those who deserve HIS justice, "Thus says the LORD: For three transgressions of Damascus, and for four, I will not turn away its punishment, because they have threshed Gilead with implements of iron." (Amos 1:3). Matthew Henry explains the whole ordeal that the people of Damascus has gotten into with the people of Gilead. The people of Damascus inflicted so much cruelty to the Gileadites when putting them to death. Damascus is the head city of Syria (according to Matthew Henry). Then the LORD GOD rendered to Hazael his due, "But I will send a fire into the house of Hazael, which shall devour the palaces of Ben-Hadad." (Amos 1:4).

DATE: August 8, 2019 (Thursday) -- I thank the good LORD GOD for allowing me to life one more day. All because of the LORD JESUS.

I am at the library at 5 corners trying to read the Bible. This thing that I am doing now, using my tablet to type in my FTP files will hopefully help me in my daily reading of GOD's HOLY WORD. By the good LORD's grace, I was given the epiphany of using the week days as preparation for Sunday, which I know is commonplace for most, but it was very helpful for me in making me go forward in my Bible study/reading. It is said that it is a fearful thing to fall in the hands of an angry GOD. And this is what happened to Damascus, specifically Hazael (Amos 1:4). All of the prophesied judgments to these nations happened. Not single word of the LORD will be undone. Not only that but GOD is sovereign over all. Nothing or no one can stop HIM. HE can singlehandedly topple nations with HIS single WORD. The LORD GOD knows everything. HE knows every evil thing that a nation does to its people and to other people. And the LORD GOD simultaneously deals with the whole of humanity, individually and at the same time! HE is GOD. And there is nothing impossible with HIM. The LORD GOD knew what these surrounding nations did to Israel. And they were extremely cruel in their dealings specially with the people of Israel. Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, and Edom.

DATE: August 9, 2019 (Friday) -- Thanksgiving, glory, honour, and praise belong to the LORD GOD alone (in CHRIST JESUS).

I was at the 5 corners library doing my Bible reading when I realized that the nations surrounding Israel were destroyed by fire.

DATE: August 10, 2019 (Saturday) -- I thank the blessed LORD GOD for this one more day of HIS tender mercies (in the LORD JESUS).

Spent the morning here at the apartment, cleaning the back yard. And it is already Saturday. I was trying to follow my new found objectives, but was a failure. I was thinking of reading and studying the Bible in preparation for my Sunday's activity (my small group Bible reading session or something like that - it ain't preaching because I don't).

DATE: August 13, 2019 (Tuesday) -- Glory, thanksgiving, honour, and praise belong to the LORD GOD alone in CHRIST JESUS.

I am presently at the 5 corners library, and reading/studying the book of Amos. And the good LORD GOD is blessing me with blessed insights in HIS HOLY WORD. And, by the way, I thank the LORD GOD almighty for working things out for me and my friend with regards to the "sound permit" that we were so anxiously waiting for. The LORD answered our prayers today, when Freddie told me the good news. We were granted the permit to preached (street preaching).

Anyway, the prophet Amos, as he was inspired by the LORD GOD, showed the gravity of the LORD GOD's proclamation of HIS anger against the sins of the neighboring nations around Israel. "And he said, The LORD will roar from Zion, and utter HIS voice from Jerusalem; and the habitations of the shepherds shall mourn, and the top of Carmel shall either." (Amos 1:2). The LORD roads, and is angry. HE shouts vehemently against the sins of the several cruel nations who "ganged up" on the people that are HIS chosen, namely, Israel. The LORD GOD is letting these nations of HIS anger against their wicked treatment of HIS people, and of other people by the tone of HIS voice, "roar"! And GOD does this in Zion.

DATE: August 14, 2019 (Wednesday) -- My GOD is an awesome GOD! Thank YOU, O blessed LORD GOD almighty. All glory, honour, and praise belong only to YOU (in CHRIST JESUS).

Well, the blessed LORD GOD has done it again! I was moping and griping, and worrying about getting money; and I had to borrow $10 from sis just to get gas money. So, just a few minutes ago, when I looked at my iPhone 5s, I noticed that there was an email from Paypal saying that I paid for the Epoch Times subscription of $49. And I was wondering how I paid since I didn't have any money. Then I checked my account from the bank, and it told me that I have $800. THANK YOU, O LORD!

DATE: August 26, 2019 (Monday) -- Thank the good LORD GOD for the abundant grace in the LORD JESUS. The blessed LORD has given me another day.

Just want to mention of the LORD's goodness to me yesterday, Sunday, when the afternoon service went overtime, than the usual 5PM. And yours truly didn't get to go til later. But the good LORD GOD helped me with the parking spot when I got home. My sister parked her car outside and !over it back in just in time for me to get it! (Thank YOU blessed LORD in the blessed SAVIOUR JESUS).

Monday, again, and yours truly hasn't figured out about the 7 day cycle for the reading and study of the LORD's HOLY WORD. I was just reading the book of Jonah, and went back to reading the book of Amos. The prophet Amos prophesied against the sorounding nations that treated Israel cruelly. Starting with Damascus, Amos proclaimed (denounced) the evils of what Damascus has done to Israel, "Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Damascus, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they have threshed Gilead with threshing instruments of iron:" (Amos 1:3). NOTE: All these years (39 years) and I haven't even read the Bible whole in its entirety. What happened? GOD's precious WORD, and yours truly has been taking it for granted. The LORD GOD has given me the much sought after freedom to read the Bible, to have the Bible, and to enjoy worshipping other Bible-believers. I was praying to the LORD GOD to help me number the days that HE so abundantly gives me. The people of Damascus have done much evil to the people of Israel (or they were about to, accroding to Amos' prediction), and so the LORD GOD can not turn away their judgment.

DATE: August 28, 2019 (Wednesday) -- All glory, honour, thanksgiving, and praise belong to the LORD GOD alone (in CHRIST JESUS).

I was at the public library today, as I usually is during the weekdays after spending time at the other public library using the their computer posting on my Facebook. Except this time, I found grace to spend more time in the WORD of GOD, reading and studying. Ups and downs. But yours truly found grace in his reading of the book of Micah. Matthew Henry's commentary was very helpful. I was up to chapter 7. But, I still had to go back to the book of Amos. I just had to back track and try to learn more of the different neighboring nations mentioned by the prophet, as to their deserving judgments (for what they did to the LORD's people).

DATE: August 31, 2019 (Saturday) -- I thank the good LORD GOD for HIS tender mercies to me this day (and all because of the LORD JESUS).

Yours truly is still on the minor prophets. 39 years and I haven't read the whole Bible! What have I been doing all those times?

Anyway, I go back and forth in the books of Nahum, Micah, and Amos. Now I am back to Amos. Amos was a sheep breeder, and a gatherer of wild figs. Until the LORD GOD picked him out from among the people of Israel. "The words of Amos, who was the herdmen of Tekoa,..." (Amos 1:1a). SIDE NOTE: I am having a kavlemp moment! Sometimes I feel like getting overwhelmed by the volumes of the books of the minor prophets. EPIPHANY: I was mulling over the minor prophets that the LORD GOD sent to these nations (then I realized that the LORD GOD loves these people and it grieves HIM so when HE sees their wickedness; so HE sends them HIS messengers to tell them of their sins, giving them ample chance to repent. Until they (we) no longer listen to the LORD's warnings, and HE lets judgments do their work!

NOTE: The above picture is Bible reading time I have at the public library, daily.


DATE: September 3, 2019 (Tuesday) -- It's the 2nd day of the week, and I am still in the minor prophets. But first things first, the blessed LORD GOD belongs all the glory, honour, thanksgiving, and praise. And this in CHRIST JESUS.

So, I am now aware of the 2 mighty nations that the LORD GOD used to punish Israel and Judah of the sins of their people against poor, the fatherless, the widows, and against one another; but specially against the LORD GOD almighty in their idolatry - offering up children to Molech, and engaging pagan worship practices. Amos speaking out against the abuses of the surrounding nations, and of his own people. Then Jonah preaching to Nineveh, the greatest city in his time. Then there is Micah who preached against Samaria and Jerusalem (the capitals of Israel and Judah).

DATE: September 4, 2019 (Wednesday) -- I thank the good LORD GOD for this day, for this life that the good LORD GOD gave me, for the time, strength, and breath so I can read HIS HOLY WORD. The time is 1:18PM , and I am at the library trying to read GOD's WORD. I am at the book of Nahum. It's already Wednesday, and I haven't gotten anywhere much. The most I can do is to type/copy the verses of the books, and try to expound on each one. I don't want to just read over them and not even know much of what I am reading.

I am back at the book of Hosea, chapter 1, verse 3-4, "So he went and took Gomer the daughter of Diblaim; which conceived, and bare him a son. And the LORD said unto him, call his name Jezreel; for yet a little while, and I will avenge the blood of Jezreel upon the house of Jehu, and will cause to cease the kingdom of the house of Israel."

This doesn't seem to work. This the LORD GOD's holy WORD. NOTE: I just thought of something. I was getting frustrated trying to figure out how to read the good LORD's WORD, and the idea I had before of listening to other people's studies on the books of the minor prophets came to mind. And first and foremost, pray, pray, pray to the blessed LORD GOD. This is the most important of all -- PRAYER TO THE LORD GOD!

I was flipping to the pages of the Bible, trying to acquaint myself with the prophets of the LORD GOD. And I stopped at the book of Proverbs. I was thinking how can I understand the Bible; and the scripture stood out: I remembered Proverbs on having wisdom. "To know wisdom and instruction;" (KJV), "To have knowledge of wise teaching;" (BBE), "They will help you learn to be wise, to accept correction," (ERV).

So, an epiphany just came to me. Even though the evil one is constantly buffeting me, the LORD GOD is over the wicked one and his minions! Satan hates the LORD and HIS holy WORD. By the good LORD's grace alone, and by HIS tender mercies, I am in this (the LORD's way)!

DATE: September 9, 2019 (Monday) -- Thank YOU, O LORD, for all the many blessings in the LORD JESUS.

All because of the type LORD GOD's infinite grace; sis had the guys work on building my room since Saturday.

DATE: September 12, 2019 (Thursday) -- Thank YOU, O LORD GOD, for this day of YOUR infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS, that YOU have given to me.

I am now at Habakkuk, right after Nahum. And this prophet was perplexed with the things that he sees - with the wicked conquering over the righteous people; with the fierce Chaldeans (of Babylon?) getting over the people of Israel; with the wicked getting over the other people.

DATE: September 15, 2019 (Sunday) -- Thanksgiving, glory, honour, and praise belong only to the LORD GOD, in CHRIST JESUS.

The blessed LORD GOD gave me a really nice, awesome bed, bedroom, and appliances with it. Sis, had a room constructed and it was great (all from the LORD GOD).

NOTE: Also, the LORD GOD increased my disability benefit from $814 a month to $1,055. Thank YOU, O LORD GOD, FATHER in heaven (all because of the LORD JESUS).

DATE: September 16, 2019 (Monday) -- To GOD be all the glory, praise, thankgiving, and all honour, in the LORD JESUS.

The good LORD GOD gave me 3 new metal shelves for my things (my sister bought me 3 new shelves only by the good LORD's grace in CHRIST JESUS).

DATE:September 18, 2019 (Wednesday) -- It's early Wednesday morning, and the LORD GOD has kept me through out the night. All glory, honour, praise, and thanksgiving beong to HIM alone (in CHRIST JESUS).

The blessed LORD GOD has shown me favour yesterday, the day before, every day. Even this morning, the LORD's grace have me read through the Precept Austin commentaries from Henry Luke's blogs (Wordpress). I am now at the book of Habakkuk, going over chapter 2. Precept Austin commentaries are pithful of informations, devotions, and godly precepts.

NOTE: There is this girl that I met at the library, and helped her with the flyers for her work. Olga Elvir who is from New York.

DATE: September 19, 2019 (Thursday) -- Glory, honour, thanksgiving, and praise belong to the LORD GOD and to HIM only (all in CHRIST JESUS).

The good LORD GOD showed me kndness (once again) with this newly found Bible resoure, Precept Austin by Bruce Hurt.

TIME: 5:27PM -- Wednesday, the good LORD GOD gave me supplies (vitamins), and $11 for gas money (which I used to buy Randy a steak burrito, and a cup of Joe). Then I took my sister shopping at Walmart, and she gave me $5 for gas.

DATE: September 21, 2019 (Saturday) -- First and foremost, to the LORD GOD be gory, honour, and praise in the LORD JESUS.

NOTE: This is a re-type because I mis-saved the older version by accident. Now, I am re-typing it. Friday, September 20, yesterday, I didn't think that I was getting any more TDB (temporary disability benefit), since the people from Aetna Insurance told me that Friday, 13, was the last payment for my disability. The blessed LORD GOD knwe ahead of time what was going to happen, so HE showed me tender mercies, and gave me $140, yesterday.

It's Saturday, again, and I haven't done much Bible reading, much less preparation for tomorrow. I am glad that my cousins in the Philippines are doing great with their ministries. I feel like am not going anywhere (with the Sunday Bible reading) with the 2-3 people I hold the Bible sessions with. I pray the LORD show me grace and work things out for me.

TIME: 7:38PM -- I am thankful to the LORD GOD for the internet that HE gave me (yesterday) for use in the ministry. I pray that I won't mis-use these gifts that the LORD GOD gives me so abundantly.

I think of the ministries that the LORD GOD gives to us, and sometimes or most of the time, I get depress because I see others having so much in their walk with the SAVIOUR, like Amber and Tony having kids, and church ministries; and GHF (Global Harvest Fellowship) really being blessed by the LORD GOD. And I am here not having much.

DATE: September 24, 2019 (Tuesday) -- I thank the blessed LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for thhis new, one more day of HIS abundant and tender mercies; and HIS infinite grace, in CHRIST JESUS (LORD and SAVIOUR).

It is already 6 months since the LORD's grace (blessing in disguise) when I got to go full time - starting with the gospel tract distribution, and the street preaching ministry (irregularly).

And I am still reading the book of Habakkuk. It's a short book, but it's very ptitful of GOD's wonderful and amazing glory and grace.


DATE: October 3, 2019 (Thursday) -- "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." (Habakkuk 3: 14). To the LORD GOD belong all the glory, honour, and praise in CHRIST JESUS.

I am at the library, and am trying to continue my Bible reading of the book of Habakkuk, chapter 3.

TIME: 7:41PM -- "But the LORD is in HIS holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before HIM." (Hbakkuk 2:20). Thank YOU so , so much, O blessed LORD GOD, for the many. many blessings that You give me (us) whom you show abundant mercies and grace, all because f the blessed LORD JESUS.

I am now at home (at this new room that the blessed LORD GOD, FATHER in heaven, has given me); new garage space/room. And am posting in my Facebook about the many Bible resources that the blessed LORD keeps giving me. One of which is the OpenBible.Info.

And as I was studying the book of Habakkuk, I checked the other Bible versions in E-Sword, and found out about the KJV+ (King James Version + Strongs Exhuastive Concordance).

DATE: October 11, 2019 (Friday) -- "Truly my soul waiteth upon GOD: from HIM cometh salvation." (Psalm 62:1).Thank the blessed LORD GOD again for this new day that HE has given me once again - all in CHRIST JESUS.

I couldn't rest. This thing with Ed Castillo is getting to me. I think I have to stay away from it (for a while). It is getting in the way of my Bible study time. I lift these things up to the LORD GOD.

DATE: Ocotber 12, 2019 (Saturday) -- "The revelation of JESUS CHRIST, which GOD gave unto HIM, to shew unto HIS servants things which must shortly come to pass; and HE sent and signified it by HIS angels unto HIS Servant John:" (Revelation 1:1).

Below is Hal Lyndsey's videos (from September 29 and March 26), part 1-2.

DATE: October 13, 2019 (Sunday) -- "Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it maybe ye shall be hid in the day of the LorD's anger." (Zephaniah 2:3). To the LORD GOD be all the glory, honour, thanksgiving, and praise in CHRIST JESUS; Amen.

DATE: October 25, 2019 (Friday) -- "Yea, many people and strong nations shall come to seek the LORD of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the LORD." (Zechariah 8:22).

By the good LORD's grace in CHRIST JESUS, I am now at Zechariah, chapter 9. "The burden of the WORD of the LORD..." (Zecharian 9:1a). Zechariah was chosen by the LORD GOD to speak to the children of Israel, the remnant who went back from the Babylonian captivity. And he was one of the prophets used /called by GOD to speak to HIS remnant. Zechariah must have stuck out among the many who returned - it's almost like the believer who are standing up against the wicked actvities of the present public.

DATE: October 26, 2019 (Saturday) -- "All scripture is given of GOD, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of GOD may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Hal Lindsey is going over the book of Revelation, and I am tryng to follow on his web site, Hal Lindsey Report. The video below is the start of his study on Revelation, part 3.

Revelation - part 4 (Hal Lindsey):

DATE: October 31, 2019 (Thursday) -- "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversay the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world." (1 Peter 5:8-9).

I thank the LORD GOD for this new day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS. And I am at Zechariah 12, almost at the last book of the Old Testament (by the LORD GOD's grace). All these days, these opportunities, all these precious moments that the good LORD GOD has given me; I have tried to use to redeem the time.


DATE: November 7, 2019 (Thursday) -- "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isaiah 1:18).

I thank the LORD GOD for this new day that HE has given me (all because of the LORD JESUS).

By the good LORD's grace, I got to finish the Old Testament, Malachi. And I am now reading up on the "Intertestamental Period" (click HERE for the video; and HERE for the web site.).

DATE: November 9, 2019 (Saturday) -- I thank the LORD GOD for this day (and for all the good things that HE showers on me -- whatever seemingly good or bad) that HE has given me. All because of CHRIST JESUS.

The car is broke. It was running before,, but stupid me had to mess it up.. Now it won't run.

DATE: November 10, 2019 (Sunday) -- "The book of the generation (Gk genesis ghen-es-is nature, generation, nativity) of JESUS CHRIST, the son of David, the son of Abraham." (Matthew 1:1).

I thank the LORD GOD for this new day of grace, that HE has given me once again. All in CHRIST JESUS.

By the LORD GOD's grace, yours truly finished reading the Old Testament, the last book, Malachi. And was just reading up on helpful material on the intertestamental period.

DATE: November 12, 2019 (Tuesday) -- "For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of HIS will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;" (Colossians 1:9).

The blessed LORD GOD has given me another day of grace in CHRIST JESUS.

I am now reading up on the intertestamental period (the years in between the Old Testament and the New Testament). These were what the Bible scholars call the silent years when the LORD GOD has not spoken to HIS chosen people. But they were full of historical events.From the chosen people being exiled out of the land of Israel and Judah to Babylon, and Assyria, Egypt, and other regions around the Mediterranean Sea. The LORD GOD never left HIS people. HE was with them all the while. And HE was working out through HIS sovereign will, the kings and the kingdoms of the whole world to bring about HIS divine purposes (that is to prepare the way for HIS SON to come into this world) from eternity past.

Click here for the *.pdf format information on the intertestamental period by "Standing Strong with the WORD". The 10 northern tribes were exiled to Assyria, and to the other neighboring nations (Egypt, Syria, etc...). The dates are from 800 to 400 BC. From Isaiah to Malachi.

TIME: 5:59AM -- Yours truly has been reading up on the intertestamental period, and got more details on the dates of the LORD's spokemen (prophets) who were sent by the LORD GOD to speak to HIS people! GOD promised HIS people that HE will send HIS "prophets" to let them know what HE wants them to know; to talk to them as GOD and as heaven FATHER, who keeps them under HIS wings. "Now therefore restore the man his wife; for he is a PROPHET, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live: and if thou restore her not, know thou that hou shalt surely die, thou, and all that are thine." (Genesis 20:7). And in Deuteronomy 18, the LORD GOD promises to provide PROPHETS to speak to the people in HIS behalf, "The LORD thy GOD will raise up unto thee a PROPHETS from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me: unto him ye shall hearken; according to all that thou desirest of the LORD the GOD in Horeb in the day of the assembly, saying, Let me not hear again the voice of the LORD my GOD, neither let me see this great fire any more, that I die not. And the LORD said unto me, They have well spoken that which they have spoken. I will raise them p a PROPHET among their brethren, like unto thee (human - Moses), and I will put MY words in his mouth: and he sahll speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto MY words which he shall speak in MY name, I will require it of him. But the PROPHET, which shall presume to speak a word in MY name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speakin the name ofother gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, how shall we know the word which the LORD hath spoken? When a PROPHET speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the PROPHET hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him." (Deuteronomy 18:15-22).

The descent/decline of the people of the LORD GOD when they were united (in the time of David, the king) started with Solomon. Solomon had many wives. Just after the covenant people left Egypt (freed by the mighty HAND of the LORD GOD) under the human leadereship of Moses, they were already complaining (just like us). Then under the leadership of Joshua, they conquered the promised land (former Canaan). And then, they werer ruled by GOD appointed JUDGES.

DATE:November 14, 2019 (Thursday) -- "For CHRIST also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to GOD, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the SPIRIT:" (1 Peter 3:18).

I praise and thank the blessed LORD GOD for HIS abundant grace, tender mercies, and undeserved goodness towards us, towards me, this day, as in every day, all because of CHRIST JESUS, LORD and SAVIOUR.

Thank the blessed LORD GOD in HIS abundant goodness in allowing me to have these many resources in reading and studying HIS HOLY WORD, like the Precept Austin, and other such excellent resources. Yours truly had to back track before going through the coming and the arrival of the MESSIAH, which the prophets keep speaking of in the times of Israel history (Judges to the Prophets) - New Testament.

Yours truly kept going back to when GOD's chosen people left Egypt, being freed by the LORD ALMIGHTY from Egyptian slavery for 400 years, Exodus 1-13. "And Pharoah rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead.And he called for Moses and Aaron by night, and said, Rise up, and get your forth from among my people, both ye and the children of Israel; and go, serve the LORD, as ye have said." (Exodus 12:30-31).

DATE: November 15, 2019 (Saturday) -- "Open THOU mine eyes, that I may behold windrius things out of THY LAW." (Psalm 119:18).

Thank YOU, O LORD GOD, for this one more day of grace that YOU have given me. And yours truly has been thinking about the motive for the posting in my Facebook. GOD's HOLY WORD says, "Loe not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the FATHER is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and he lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, IS NOT of the FATHER, but is of the world." (1 John 2:15-16).

It's 5:00AM, and I am up. And the blessed LORD GOD has been giving me instructions, that my motive must be right about my posting in my Facebook. So, the grace of the LORD GOD in my Bible study is so abundant. The LORD GOD has been providing for all of my needs! The LORD GOD gave me "BibleWebApp", "StudyLight", and "PreceptAustin".

StudyLight is really very helpful when studying GOD's HOLY WORD. I just discovered yesterday, by the good LORD GOD's abundant grace in CHRIST JESUS, about the Bible maps it has under "PERSONAL USE". I was retro-back stroke to when the chosen people left Egypt slavery with GOD's mighty hand showing Pharoah of GOD HIMSELF delivering HIS people. And when they got into the promised land, Canaan, GOD had Joshua lead the people to conquer the land. And the people complained, and wanted a ruler other than GOD; they wanted a human to rule over them, instead of GOD. The LORD GO send them judges to help them after having conquered the land. And the LORD GOD had Samuel (he is both judge and prophet) tell the people that their desire for a human ruler (instead of GOD) is given them, 1 Samuel 8:4-22.

Back tracking to the time when the people of GOD got to the promised land, Canaan, and Joshua had them fight the inhabitants to kill them, and take the promised land that the LORD GOD has given them. NOTE: The LORD GOD has given these people (inhabitants of Canaan) enough time to repent of their sins, and they haven't. So HE has HIS chosen people ransack the place! But before they even got to tht location, GOD already gave that land to Abraham. (GOD just allowed them to use that land), "Now the LORD had said unto Abram, get thee out of thy country, and from thy knidred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shakltbe a blessing: and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curseth thee: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed." (Genesis 12:1-3).

GOD made good on HIS promise - and gave Abraham and his descendants Canaan - to Joshua and the rest of the children of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham. Then today, the LORD JESUS (from the loins of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, etc...) is blessing ALL the families of the earth, Genesis 12:3.

Genesis 15, GOD gave Abraham the assurance of HIS blessing to him in making a great ation out of him, and that his descendants will be slaves for 400 years, but GOD will deliver them with a great deliverance (Genesis 16:13-14). And that Abraham's fourth generation will come back to inherit the promised land, where he is at the present time! (Genesis 15:16)

DATE: November 19, 2019 (Tuesday) -- "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth, nor sittetth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the LAW of the LORD; and in HIS LAW doth he meditate day and night." (Psalm 1:1-2)

I thank the good LORD GOD for giving me this new day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS. And yours truly just finished reading the Old Testament, and am now reading the New Testament. I am now gettiing to the precious part about the promised MESSIAH (promised by the LORD GOD HIMSELF, about HIMSELF as our SAVIOUR). HE is faithful to HIS own, and has not left them. But came to them as HE promised!

So, I am like that blind man, whom the blessed SAVIOUR healed - John 9. "JESUS heard that they had cast him out; and when HE had found him, HE said unto him, Dost thou believe on the SON of GOD? He answered and said, WHo is HE, LORD, that I might believe on HIM?" (John 9:35-36).

DATE: November 22, 2019 (Friday) -- I thank the LORD GOD for this specual new day of HIS infinite grace in CHRIST JESUS.

Your truly is now at the beginning ot the divine records of the blessed promised MESSIAH, even the LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS; in the harmony of the gospels - Harmony 1 -- Life of CHRIST, and Harmony 2 -- Blue Letter BIble.

DATE: November 24, 2019 (Sunday) -- "In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD. HE was in the beginning with GOD." (John 1:1).

Yours truly is still going through the life of the blessed MESSIAH, the LORD JESUS in the "harmonies" of the divine records (gospels) of the four chosen of the LORD GOD, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The Gentile physician, Luke made sure that the divine record of the MESSIAH, the LORD JESUS, gives a complete and invincible proofs from eye witnesses, "Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us, even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the WORD; it seemed good to me also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, to write unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus, that thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed." (Luke 1:1-4).

I am now reading/studying the New Testament/Covenant - the divine records of the holy life of the MESSIAH, the LORD JESUS, who is GOD/CREATOR who came to us, to our world and became like one of us, human. And HE lived in Israel, HIS promised land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their descendants.

First, Luke wrote under the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT, the divine record of the LORD JESUS, after much exacting research from several eye witnesses of the LORD JESUS, Luke 1:1-4. This was when Herod (the great) was the king of Judaea (around 37-4BC). And yours truly is now finding grace form the LORD GOD to read/study the divine records of the MESSIAH (SAVIOUR/GOD/CREATOR), from the very start of the circumstances surrounding HIS birth (GOD becoming human).

DATE: November 30, 2019 (Saturday) -- "O give thannks unto the LORD; for HE is the good: for HIS mercy endureth forever. O give thanks unto the GOD of heaven: for HIS mercy endureth for ever." (Psalm 136:1, Psalm 136:26).

NOTE: I am trying out this new page to expand (blow up) the separate page for a video (Hal Lindsey).

Click for Hal Lindsey Revelation video, part 5.


DATE: December 14, 2019 (Saturday) -- "There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judea, a certain priest named Zacharias, of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth." (Luke 1:5).

First of all, I thank the good LORD GOD for this day that HE has given me. All because of the LORD JESUS. Someimes, the wicked one buffets me with thoughts that are discouraging. And it is true. This guy is oldest, and getting more oldest. Yet the LORD GOD is only good!


Here is a collection of links that I found helpful to my everyday life. I hope and pray that these will be helpful to you also.

(1) King James Bible Online (click here). (2) Bible Gateway (click here).(3) TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) (click here). (4) WMCA 570 Radio Station (click here). (5) Daystar (TV Station) (click here). (6) Family Radio (click here). (7) BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) (click here). (8) RC Sproul Ministry (Ligonier) (click here). (9) Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (click here). (10) Andrew Wommack Ministry (click here). (11) Voice of the Martyrs (click here). (12) I Met Messiah (click here). (13) Bob Jones University (click here). (14) Sermon Audio (click here). (15) Gospel Tract and Bible Society (click here). (16) E-Sword, for public use (click here).. (17) Amazing Facts (click here). (18) Associates for Biblical Research (click here). (19) David Jeremiah Ministry (click here). (20) Genesis Science Network (click here). (21) Moments With The Book (MWTB) - click here. (22) One For Israel (click here). (23)Street Preaching (click here). (24)Precept Austin.

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