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Character Bios


He's a marsupial on a mission! He's cool, he's brave and he's ready for action! He's a hero who believe, but he's not fool! No one is faster, smarter and more agile than Crash. He can execute a spin that'll knock any opponent of their feet or send crates spinning out of control. He's ready for the battle. Are you?


Coco is the spirited younger sister of Crash and is highly intelligent. When her face isn't glued to a computer screen, she's trying to get Crash's relaxed life more organized. Coco is equally as fast and nimble as her brother. She might look cute but be careful, she can be dangerous.


Neo's greatest dream is to dominate the world. Whether you think of him as the ultimate evil mind or a power crazed lunatic - just don't tell him when he's sitting in his tank. A word of advice no matter what you do, don't turn your back on this guy, in fact Uka Uka doesn't really trust him. Cortex won't rest until bandicoots are extinct.


A fearsome opponent if ever there was one, Tiny has a few tricks up his enormous sleeves. Try to stay one step ahead or you might get crushed. Unleash this roaring Goliath who keeps hungry lions as pets.


Papu Papu is the chief of the local tribe of native islanders. He is totally unconcerned with the events surrounding his village.


He is the fatherly spirit of a witch doctor who live a long time ago. He has been a protective force for Crash from the beginning.


A bad-tempered wacko. Once a world-renowed physicist within the Defense industry, Dr. N-Gin was taken in by Cortex shortly after one of his missile projects went terribly wrong and hit him in the head. The missile was reconstructed as a cyber life support system but is still live so don't get him upset or he'll literally blow his top!


Doublecrossed by Cortex, this one-time partner in crime will now do anything to stop Cortex and his fiendships plans, regardless of the consequences. He's the poster boy for mad scientists everywhere. Dr. N. Brio is a foil for Dr. Cortex. Meek to Cortex's strength, logical to Cortex's emotional, successful (his inventions work) to Cortex's failure.


Mr. Mafia...almost. More like the godfather crossed with a bologna sandwich: looks the part, but lacks real meat.


He's totally mad. He is always jumping and laughing around. The first of Dr. Cortex's subjects, Ripper Roo was also his least successful.


He is the twisted twin brother of Aku Aku. The Big Boss... the rottenest thing in the universe even before Aku Aku locked him up. The years in prision made him even worse. Now he always has time for crime.


A master of time - a minute spent with him seems like a life sentence! He has the power to control time. He created the time machine.


Half dingo, half crocodile, 100% mean. When you have a dog face and a crocodile tail, party invitations are pretty scarce. So he's loving life in the arena where he can put on his party hat. Dingodile's tail whip attack is killer. Dingodile's primary weapon is a flame thrower. His monstrous fuel tank is filled to the brim, ready to be dispensed on Crash.


Cold-hearted and cold-blooded, the brothers form a dangerous combination of brains and brawn, speed and strenght, loyalty and leadership. Komodo Joe is the brains of the operation. While not physically powerful, he relies on speed and cunning in a fight and is a master of the deadly art of Samurai swordplay. Komodo Moe is not necessarily the most intelligent. But, what he lacks in brain power, he makes up for with size, unbelievable strenght, and the force of a runaway freight train.


His primary diet consist in Eucalyptus tree trunks. After taking a break on the south seas, he has returned to join his creator, Dr. Neo Cortex. His powerful kick is brutal and he can throw as far as Tiny.


Half gorilla, half kangaroo (a dingodile copycat?) He has the disposition of a train wreck. Though he prefers to take his time around the arena, his huge whipping tail delivers a nasty blow. He is a first stringer and considers himself a closer - and he doesn't like to have his photo taken. Watch out for this guy - he's not one to monkey around!


He's trying to destroy the world. Wow! something new in a villian (Yeah right!).