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Punk ShiShi Warning!!!

A Few Questions B4 You Enter

If You Answered No To Any of Those Questions, Click


I take it since you are down here you answered yes to the above questions or your just dumb and came down here first. Well then, I guess I'll have to explain again...

Do you know what yaoi and shounen ai are? If not, I'll give a brief explination. In general terms both are Japanese/Anime fandom terms for boys like boys........beyond friendship. Boys hugging other boys, boys kissing other boys, boys doing *things* with other you get the point? Disgust you? Then leave. If you're okay with that, read on.
See the two boyz above? That's Ash and Gary (aka Satoshi and Shigeru), yes two of the young stars of the super show Pokemon. Can you handle them being in a relationship described above? No? Leave
If you're still here and come right on in by clicking on the poke-dog below. The enter sign will get you nowhere.


Standard Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, Ash/Satoshi, Gary/Shigreu or anything else on this website. they belong to people a whole lot richer than I. All I own is a bitchy old cat and a hell of a lot of plush animals which you can't have anyway. Please don't sue or flame me. All you'll get is my kid brother.