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This is the picture after the empty one. I got him this time. In this picture you can see his mouth forming the "U" in either the word "fuck" or "drunk" in the question/statement "What the fuck are you doing? You're drunk."

This was taken right after he finished the above sentence. It should help to know that it was 3:00 AM and that he had just gotten out of bed to use the restroom. After that I hunted him with my camera until I finally got him.

A view of the buildings across from the balcony where I alternately heard people cheering or being beaten by their spouse while I hung up my laundry. Also where Lyle launched a bottle on a particularly destructive night trying to hit the canal. He missed it by about 150 feet and hit this building instead. Nice throw Lyle.

This picture is sideways to be symbolic of the fact that THIS COMPUTER IS GARBAGE. Steve in the Christmas hat I made the bartender give him the night before posing with the pirhanas. This is significant because now all of the pirhanas in China are dead due to a state law announcing that it was never llegal to import them. They were killed the week after this picture was taken. RIP.


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