Page Five

This picture took about five takes because "I couldn't get the camera to work". Thanks Lizzy.

This is after a long night of putting beer in my stomach and then taking the beer from my stomach and spitting it out into the toilet. The pot you see is my roommate Athena's, and I borrowed it from time to time to throw up in and cook ramen. I don't remember, but Lyle says the conversation leading up to him giving me that water bottle went something like this:

"Why don't you throw up in the toilet?" "I already did that for an hour, I want to throw up in the pan now. Can you get me some water?" "Sure dude, here you go." "Thanks Lyle YOU FUCKING HIPPIE." "What?" "You heard me YOU FUCKING HIPPIE I'LL FIGHT YOU RIGHT NOW I'LL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS." "Okay dude settle down." "Tell me a joke Lyle." "Okay, why are there so many Smiths in the phone book?" "Because they all have FUCKING PHONES. Lyle, even in this state I know that joke is ghey." He tells me it got worse after that.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I took this of Lyle when after a few beers, hence Lyle not being in the picture. I get him later though.

Suzhou garden view with the crew on the pagoda and Steve not very camoflaged through some trees.


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