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View of one of the three gorges. Maybe it's because I'm from Arizona, but the three gorges weren't very interesting and I don't care if they're flooded. Tell your friends.

This is the view from my seat on the tour of the small three gorges. The seat next to me had throw up on it. Everyone else in my group really liked it though, apparently it was very pretty.

This is our stopoff on the small three gorges. Upon exiting the boat, we were accosted by people trying to sell us "fossils" of a dead lizard, but everyone was selling the same dead lizard. I don't know how you fake a fossil but they must have their own backyard furnace for it or something. Eric is playing possum in an attempt to be left alone.

Sunset over the 2nd gorge.

We went to the three gorges dam which is really an amazingly huge project. This is where we snuck in to go down and play on the big trucks at the construction site. If there was a hole like this on a project this big in America, somebody would get fired.




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