Brenda Athena Kwey came to hang out with me in Arizona for reasons still beyond my comprehension.

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There are my pics from my recent trip to Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Just to warn you, THESE CAPTIONS ARE NOT FUNNY. Anything funny that may have come up during the China pictures was due only to the creative inspiration you get from living alone in China with SARS and no heat during the dead of winter. Now that I am here, here being America, I am no longer funny. Also I tell lies. Lots of them.

Thanks to the hot Vicki Chen for the cover pic. The reason it took me so long to get this site up and running is because I am not as smart as I think I am. The original plan was that you would come to my site and it would start loading like street fighter two turbo champion edition hyper fighting (yes that's the real title). You'd hear the music and then you would go to the character select screen and click on one of the countries IE Thailand and then that cool voice would say "THAILAND!" And the plane would fly there and you would be taken to my Thailand pics. For countries that I hadn't been to, like when you clicked on Spain, the cool voice would say "SPAIN!" and then the plane would fly there and crash and then I would come out of the computer and eat you.

To do all of that, I would have to learn flash, html, and also how to travel through the matrix, so instead this is what you get. There is no link back to the main page because I HATE YOU. Enjoy...

Gallery One

Gallery Two

Gallery Three

Below, and in no particular order, are the pictures I've taken in China. Thanks to Keegan for sending them to me after developing them back home. Enjoy...


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The pictures are so large because I'm in China and I can't download any software onto the computers. You're lucky they are as small as they are. Also as China blocks the whole angelfire domain it's a real pain just getting this stuff online. The code is garbage because I've never made a page with anything less than Dreamweaver so I'm at a loss when it comes to proper form. The stylesheet sucks because I wrote it myself. More to come.


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