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Knight of Time's Home Page

Hi, and welcome to my new TPM/Super Mario World hacking page. In the TPM half, you will find pretty much everything new about me related to the great world of GGG, including the plushies & figurines I won in Pokemon Hangman and Pokemon BrainStrain respectively (the latter game happens to be my own creation, and there are plushies I also won in Lingo, but they're in a totally different category than the Pokemon Hangman plushies). In the Super Mario World hacking half, you will find a little information about my upcoming hack Super Mario World: Mario & Luigi's Ultimate Adventure!

This page wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the following people from TPM or SMWCentral:


Lady Vulpix- for helping me in general with various AC/CC situations before AC/CC stopped operations, for helping me get back to being a worker at Pokemon Hangman, and most of all, for modding me in GGG and being such a great mentor.

Fett One & Mikachu- for helping to keep Pokemon Hangman still active these days

Kevin- for making TPM what it is today, and for installing our much-needed captcha to keep spambots at bay.

Fellow SMW Hackers from SMWCentral:

Abdu- for helping me get Sonikku's SMB3 Goomba Family sprite to work properly with lx5's custom powerups patch (I truly owe you one for this!).

Alcaro- for making the downward waterfall block.

Apollyon- for making the horizontal/vertical scroll disable/enable blocks My TPM Stuff

My Adopted Pokemon
My Captured Pokemon
My Expedia Pokemon
My ASB Team
My AC/CC items

My SMWMLUA stuff:

Sorry, no screenshots or download yet!

My Favourite Web Sites

The Pokemasters
For Boards
Acmlm's Board

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!