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My Adopties

Thanks to Nala98 for helping me build. Thanks to Connah for the pics, except Nave, drawn by E_Eevee, Moving Nave, Outkast by Amy, Alucard by Mew Trainer Rose, and Dark Princess by Darkfire!!

Princess Lv.41 Female 4 Leaf Clover Princess finally became a Nidoqueen for her bf Nidor.She was given this name because she acts like a princess.She was traded to me from Pokelover Mintha for Mask 2-5-02 Growl,Tackle,Scratch,Toxic,Double kick,Poison sting,Ice beam,Tail whip,Thief,Bite,Fury swipes,Earthquake,Helping Hand,FlatterPoison Point

Nidor Shiny Lv.62 Male He is enjoying being bf to my Nidoqueen, Princess. He wants to help her in any way he can. Leer,Tackle,Horn attack,Double kick, Blizzard,Thunder,Double team, E~Quake,Poison Sting,Mud-slap,Focus energy,HP~Dark, Firepunch,Hyper beam,Sunnyday,Toxic,Fury attack,Rest,Horn drill, Gigadrain,Body slam,Helping Hand,Flatter, Peck Poison Point

Luna Lv.43 Female Not too much is known about her yet.She is a very mystical,loving and caring poke. Present,Growl,Pound,Encore, Attract,Mimic,Sing,Sleeptalk,Doubleslap, Minimize, Toxic,Defense curl,Dynamicpunch, Metronome, HP~Dark, Moonlight, Follow Me, Cosmic Power, Charm, Light ScreenCute Charm

Outkast Lv.54 Male He is good friends with Donkey's Mage, whom he is trying to teach all he knows. Teleport,Kinesis,Confusion,Shadow ball,Disable,Psy beam,Dynamicpunch,Recover,Future sight,Ice punch, Psychic,Zap cannon,Reflect,T~Wave,Calm Mind,Role Play,Trick Synchronize

Feizhi Lv.34 Female Pokemon Collar Comet punch,Leer,Bite,Shadow ball,Blizzard,Tail whip, E~Quake,Mega punch, Firepunch,Rage,Fake Out, Thunderpunch, Seismic Toss, Rock TombEarly Bird Feizhi was traded by Donkey to me for my Howler on 1-31-02. She is like the real Feizhi from Golden Sun, very persistant.She won't let anybody down,proving to be an honest, trustworthy poke. She wants to be the strongest of the normal types

Evangelon Lv.37 Female A cute,cuddly espeon who will get serious about battling, and protecting her beloved owner.Friends with Nave.Has a son with Jimi Tackle,Shadow ball,Tail whip,Sand attack,Swift,Growl, Toxic,Quick attack,HP~Fighting,Psybeam,Helping Hand,Baton pass, Morning Sun, bite Synchronize

Nave Lv.37 Female Pokemon Earing Black with Electric Blue rings.Has a close relationship with Evangelon, and has a crush on T_M_L's Umbreon,Aries. Tackle,Mud-slap,Tail whip,Sand attack,Swift,Growl, Toxic,Quick attack,C~Ray,Attract,Faint attack,Helping Hand,Baton pass, Bite, Crunch, Pursuit, Moonlight Synchronize

Noel *Wearing a red bow* Lv.23 Male- Vaporeon In love with RG's Bubbles. Tackle,Tail whip,Swift,Sand attack,Double team,Growl, Water gun,Blizzard,Quick attack,Helping Hand, WaterfallWater Absorb He was born on Christmas!! Son of Eevee Breeder - Angel's Prince & Ivy

Jimi Lv.24 Male- Jolteon Is in love with NBP's Sparky. Tackle,Growl,Sand attack,HP~Ice,Rain dance,T~shock,Swift, Quick attack,Helping Hand, Shock WaveVolt Absorb Lavender Lv.24 Female- Flareon In love with NBP's Pyro. Tackle,Growl,Tail whip,Shadow ball,Sand attack,HP~Grass, Ember,Swift,Quick attack,Helping Hand, Flame WheelFlash Fire Twin Son and Daughter of Eevee Breeder - Angel's Cherry & Waterfall

Alucard Lv.9 Male Status Coin Scratch, Growl, HP~Flying, Beat Up, Flamethrower,Ember, Blast Burn, Dragon Claw Blaze His parents are LV's Amber, and my Mercury. He was born mutated, with wings, and will learn Fly @ Lv.28. He is the first mutated Charmander. He has a Daughter, Slowbra. He is a loner for the most part, but is close with Nave.

Dark Princess Lv.5 Female Pokemon Collar Peck, Leer, Drill Peck, Fly Keen Eye She is the daughter of KoT's Vector and TBA's Cambiamente. Accidentally drank black juice.Layed and hatched 4/17/06 and 4/18/06.She is a very mischievous pokemon, and is always up for a challenge.

Slowbra Lv.5 Female Pokemon Earing Confusion, Tackle,Curse,Yawn,HP~Electric, Future Sight Oblivious She is Alucard and Parsec Politoed's Slowpoke's daughter.

Ratt Lv.5 Male Pokemon Collar Tackle, Tail whip, Dig, Flamewheel,Bubblebeam, Super Fang Guts He is the son of AntiAsh Superstar's Raticate, and Hexae's Ditto.

Mercury Lv.61 Male Wrap,Leer,T~Wave,Swift,Twister,HP~Ground,Dragon Rage,Fly,Slam,Blizzard,Agility,Zap cannon,Safeguard, Fireblast,Wing-attack,Outrage,Body slam, Hyper Beam.Inner Focus His mother is LV's Lagi, father is Gabu. He has 5 half-sisters: E12's Zephyr, Donkey's Kirin, U_M's Mystic, Edie, CCC's Dragonite, and Sarge Of Laughter's Maria.He was born with Wings.He has 3 daughters, QS's Winged Dratini, Nala98's Winged Dratini Jasmine, and MK's Winged Dratini named Khaisa. He has a new son, Alucard. Egg layed & Hatched 1-14-02

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