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Pokegods Lore

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The Pokegods: Merged Pokegods

One type of PokeGod often seen mentioned were those supposedly obtained by merging several lesser Pokemon or even several PokeGods into one new creature. The codes varied, with most involving steps to merge the Pokemon, while others were said to be encountered without any active merging on the part of the player. Others simply could be obtained through use of a Gameshark code.

It's difficult to be certain which, if any, of these type of PokeGods were intended to be anything but a practical joke. While some are clearly more outlandish (as you will see), others appear to be perfectly sincere and have codes just as thought-out as many of the other, more established types of PokeGods.

The two most notable merged Pokemon are Venustoise, which appeared in the anime, and Zapmolcuno, which appeared in the Pokemon Special manga (as seen to the right). It is likely that these two official appearances of merged Pokemon fueled speculation into the possibility of other merged Pokemon in the games.

Zapmolcuno in particular may have been the original source of most of these rumors, due to the unusually large amount of codes for merging the three Legendary Birds either with each other or other Pokemon.

The following is a list of some of the most popular and unusual merged Pokegods, ordered alphabetically. I have provided notes following particular entries of note.

Merged from Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo

Go to the exact centre of Saffron City and play the Pokeflute. Then, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo should come together to form Articzapmewtres.

Notes: The name exceeds the ten-character limit imposed in the first generation, indicating those code to be fake.

Merged from Charmander, Mew, Suirtle, and Bulbasaur

Charmewsquirasuar (Put your starting pokemon in 3rd 0138cbd1,0153ccd1,014ccdd1,015eced1

Notes: The name for this PokeGod is too long for the ten-character limit, which should immediately give away this PokeGod as a fake. In fact, at least one person did note this and commented on it on his own PokeGod cheat page.

Merged from Charizard and Moltres

In Poke tower, run from a Haunter and a Gastly and a Cubone and use Max Repel. Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone must be right one after another. Run from each. Then use Max Repel, as with Pikablu, one will penetrate your Repel, only this one will look like a mix between Charizard and Moltres.

Merged from Articuno and Charmander

This is in Viridian Forest. He will look like a mix between Articuno and Charmander. He will attack with both Fire and Ice attacks. He may also use Psychic. This is more commonly found in Poketower. To find him, faint all of these Pokemon in this order. In Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Pikachu In Poketower: Cubone, Marowak, Gastly, Haunter. To recieve Charticuno, you must have all the Pokemon listed above.

Chrono Mew
Merged from Mew and Mewtwo

At least one code suggested using both Mew and Mewtwo against the Elite Four, then merging them through use of a "Lightning Stone".

Merged from Gengar, Gastly, and Haunter via Gameshark

Ghost(you have to have every ghost with you in this order gengar,gastly,haunter)02b864d1

Notes: While it's most likely the name "Ghost" is referring to the Ghosts shown when going into the Pokemon Tower without the Silph Scope, it's worth mentioning that Haunter's Japanese name is "Ghost"

Possibly merged from Magmar and Articuno

How To Get Melomagticuno The most powerful Pokemon. He can only be found once, and that's in Rock Tunnel. You cannot use Flash. Melomagticuno is a Poison/Ice/Fire pokemon. Walk around until an Onix appears. He must then be followed by a Zubat, he must then be followed by a Paras, then a Geodude. All these must be at least 10 steps apart. When you see him, do not run! He is a level 90 Pokemon, butjust putting him to sleep will let you capture him with an Ultra Ball. He attacks with moves like Fissure, Crumble, Fireball, Melomagticunokill, and Ice Dance."

ALL (NEW!) SECRET POKéMON!!! Secret Unknown Pokémon In Rock Tunnel, do not use Flash and head up and left. If you get to the right place, you will be attacked. This Pokemon will come in the form of Onix, Geodude, or Zubat, but wil use moves like Fog, Transform, Haze, and Ghost. It has a level of 82, so be careful. This only appears once.

Notes: While the second code doesn't name the "secret Pokemon", many aspects suggest it is a variation of the above Melomagticuno code. Neither are strictly merged PokeGods, though the name suggests the possibility.

Merged from Mew and Mewtwo

If you get mewtwo and get mew and level both of them up to level 100 and rest at ash’s house they both combine into mewthree.

Merged from Slowbro, Nidoking, and Nidoqueen

Nidogod: Have a slowbro a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen in your possension. Make sure they are all level 100. Beat the elite four with them twice.then go back to pallet town and talk to professor oak. He'll say something about the mist stone. Do what he says and you'll get it. Then use the mist stone on the slowbro and he'l merge with the other 2 and you get a nidogod.

Merged from Pikachu and Mew

Pikamew Put a pikachu in 3rd and type 015ecbd1, 0186ccd1, 0155cdd1, 0157ced1

Notes: While only Pikachu is mentioned, the name makes it clear that this PokeGod was intended to be a merge between it and Mew. This combination was actually fairly popular due to the cuteness and individual popularity of each Pokemon. Pikamew references and fanart can still be seen today, though not usually as a PokeGod, but as a fan Pokemon.

Likely merged from Pikachu and Oddish

First put an Oddish at the top of your active list.evolve it in to a gloom capture 50 more pokemon that you don’t have buy a leaf stone use it on gloom now you can use a thunder stone on VileGloom he will evolve in to a Pikish!!!!

Merged from Pikachu and Raticate

Ratichu: yes it is real. To get this pokemon have a raticate and pikachu in your pokemon group, only these 2 then leave the game on for an hour come back, and pikachu will be sick, take him to the pokecenter and he will have a baby, called Ratichu, it's number is 163.

Notes: In some versions, the Pokemon needed was Koffing rather than Raticate.

Merged from Slowbrow, Butterfree, Beedrill, Articuno, Jynx and Golem

Stonebro: you need a Slowbro, and a butterfree, beedrill, and Articuno, and a Jynx and Golem for this trick, have both of them in your possesion and you can only use these 6 pokemon, go to the elite four you have to go through all the elite 4 with these 6 pokemon! and when you win, when you turn your game back on, all of them would have merged and made Stonebro! he is number 166!

Merged from Charizard and Blastoise

To get supercharstoise you must do the goblitrog cheat and then sell goblitrog then go to a gambler and talk to him (it does not matter which one) he will say I am giving up pokemon training here take this pokemon he is very rare and he will give you supercharstoise you can’t sell him but he is a really good pokemon!

Notes: Like the above Charmewsquirasuar PokeGod, "Supercharstoise" has too many characters in its name, which marks it as a fake.

Merged from Venusaur and Blastoise

1. Get all 150/151 Pokémon.
2. Beat the Elite Four Fourteen times in a row.
3. Fight 40 wild Pokémon and faint them all.
4. Catch Mew, and catch another Mew with a Pokéball.
5. Go to Professor Oak and he will give you his book.
6. Throw it at the teleporter in Bill's house and it will explode.
7. Go through the back of the house into Bill's garden and there will be a path.
8. Walk all the way to the end and you will find a Pokéball containing Venustoise.


Venatoise Put a venasuar in 2nd place and type 01389fd1, 0139a0d1, 014ba1d1, 014ca2d1

Likely merged from Weepinbell and Jolteon

Weeption Put a Joltion in 5th and type 015523d2, 014b24d2, 015025d2, 017526d2

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