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Freedom to Speak

Posted poetry by Mr. Mayhem

Yea yea. I'm back after a week long hiatus. I haven't even been on the message board or checked my email. The next DC protest is in Oct. 26. Um the new Bush rhetoric is bullshit (I guess on public-speaking criteria it was a good speech but I don't buy it.). As we all know Iraq does not "stand alone as the world threat." Brazil are moving to the left in the elections polls and maybe their debt will be alleviated and slavery stopped there.. you never know. An Israeli missle kills 11 in Gaza, further aggravating Hamas, in return creating more suicide killings. Also the Sein Finn party is apparently in trouble so the Northern Ireland government is failing. Oh and yes there is a promo on TV for the Coalition against Government Takeover which is a campaign in Lexington,KY., against the Lexington city Government taking over the local water company (I forget what it's called.) Hey hey also do any of you have any resources on the Spanish Civil War such as anything written on Buenaventura Durruti. Thanx and catch all of you later.

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