A long time ago there was a peaceful universe called the silver millennium. In the silver millennium there was the nine planets plus the moon, each with their respective rulers. Each planet had a princess who also had the duty of protecting the princess of the moon. On the moon, the ruler was Queen Serenity, and she had a daughter named Princess Serena. The Princess fell in love with the prince of the moon, Darien. One day they were to be married, but an evil force called the negaforce came and destroyed Earth. He was sent to protect the moon kingdom, along with the princesses from the other planets, however, they failed miserably, and everybody except the Queen died. The only way she could save them was with the Silver Imperium Crystal. However, if she used it she would die. She decided there was no choice, so she took the crystal and trapped everyone inside, including the nega-people and sent them to the future. This was so her daughter and all of the other princesses and Darien could be reborn and live again. There were two guardian cats, Luna and Artimus which she sent and gave them the instructions that if the Negaverse ever broke free that they would have to gather the princesses (scouts) and they would have to beat off the negaverse. Once she sent them all, she died.

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Pictures from: Fantasy Anime and Jessi's Anime Archive
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