machi ni dekakeyou hitori de
itatte kurai dake densho
LOOP shite ochikonde naosara AH nayanjatte
soto ni tobidasou
shin pai iranai oomukashi kara
shikyuu date mawatteru
kitto tsuku datte mawaruyo
minna hajikete aishiaou
tanjun na nichijou tsuujou na kanjou
mamoranakucha dame na koto istumo aru

Let's head out to town... just depress youself being alone right?
You end in a loop of saddness
Ah, and now you're worrying it more
Let's jump outside...
There's nothing to worry about
The earth's been turining since long ago
I'm sure the moon is too
Brand-new love song, halle-hallelujah
Let's go nuts and fall in love
Simple everyday life, ordinary feelings
You always have things you must protect.

These lyrics are from Pioneers subtitled episode version. If there is a problem let me know and i'll take them off.