Ten year old Ash Ketchum leaves his hometown in Pallet to become a pokemon trainer, like all 10 year olds are leagally allowed. He goes to the town's pokemon expert Professor Oak and recieves a pikachu. He and pikachu don't get along at forst but gradually become best friends. Ash also meets Misty, a young girl about his age, when he takes her bike and accidentally destroys it. She follows him around saying she won't leave until she gets her bike back. However, she eventually forgets about it and is most likely tagging along just to be with him. The two of them meet Brock who aspiers to be the worlds greatest pokemon breeder. He travels with them while Ash collects his eight badges for the indigo league. In the league Ash comes in 16th place. They return to Pallet, where Brock eventually leaves, to stay on an island with Professor Ivy. When he leaves, Tracy, a pokemon-watcher joins. Now it has been almost 2 years since Ash headed out on his pokemon journey. Tracy is older and more expierenced in the art of pokemon, like Brock. Ash competes in the orange league where he gets four badges then heads to the championship. He wins the championship trophie, is placed in the hall of fame and returns to Pallet. Tracy stays with his idol, the Professor and Brock returns. Now the travelers head on a new journey to the Johto League where Ash has to recieve eight more badges before heading to the championship.

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