Do you believe in keeping the internet safe for kids? Do you have a web site? Well, one way to help is keep your site free of hentai (hentai is pornographic anime) now...if your site is hentai free, and you do not link to hentai materials....

Easy 3 steps
Step one: send an e-mail to with your site address and title (so we can link back to you from this page)
Step two: Upload one of these images to your site, and save it as "KAPNOHENTAI.jpg"
Step three: copy and paste this html code to your page...
<a href=> <img src=KAPNOHENTAI.jpg alt="Proud to be Hentai Free! Click To Join!"></a>
The more people that we get to join the better! So spread the word and be hentai free!

images you can use
(do not link directly or you will get an angelfire logo)

Ssilverfire's Rants and Whatever
Takeru Online