To Win an award, simply sent a request with the award name, and your site name and address, along with 1-2 sentences of why your site should win to I will give out no more than one of each award a month. ALSO a site must be listed on this page as a winner or else it is a counterfit award! If you win an award, please link to.... Thank you very much and good luck!!!!

Overall Best Site
Jessi's Anime Archive 2/24/01
Anime Hideaway 7/02/01

VERY Creative Site Award
Cardcaptors!!! 3/26/01

Chibi Cute Award
Katt's Page of Insanity 4/14/01
The Sailor Moon Realm 7/14/01

Beautiful Anime Site Award
Sentetsu Nation 5/05/01
Dark Circus: Peace & War 8/25/01

Hard Worked on Site
Caroc'Oyo 7/21/01

Beautiful Anime Site Award: Must have a beautiful lay-out.

Hard Worked on Site Award: Must have spent a lot of time working on this site, and you must have no copied information.

Very Creative Site Award: Must have a very unique layout, very unique information, and very unique

Great Start Award: Your site has great potential :) Just started out but hopeful.

Chibi Cute Award: Small but cute site.

Fun Site Award: Lots of fun things to do, could spend hours playing at your site.

Huge Content Site: You have tons of information, and your site is Gigantic, lots of hits too.

Overall Best Site Award: Fits all of the above awards :)