Awards We've Won


Thanks Jessi! This was our first award! I absolutely love it and think it's the most exciting thing! THANKS!!!!!

This is an updated award :) THANK YOU JESSI!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

These awards are from
Salifan's Sailor Moon Site! Thank you Salifan! They are adorable! They are awarded to the Sailor Moon Section of my site!

This is from Heather's Millennium Sailor Moon Page. One of the all time best sailor moon pages (along with salifans :) out there!!!!! Thanks Heather :)

These are from Washyuu's Anime Nexus They were a great surprise I got one day, I had a lot of trouble getting them loaded up but here we go. It was sure worth it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH WASHYUU!!!!!

Here is an award I won from laesmeralda at the Eternal Flame! Thank you Very Much!

WOW! I got another one from Son Johan's Dragonball Page Thank you very much it is wonderful! THANKS!!!!!!!!

Got this award from Katagillian on Friday the 13th (april 2001):) Who said friday the 13th was a bad day?

Yea! I got two awards from Sailor Moon Realm! Yea Baby! I got them on July 20th 2001 :) YAY! Thanks so much!