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Update: Update: 3-5-01 By Goten:
Bid Announcement: As soon as Bejita is done with the entire wite I will be making some big changes. There will be a complete other part to it. One of the new sections will be a site accompanying the game called The Sims. Soon I will have the section for the multimedia of Gundam Wing up. Well, that's all for now. If you have any HELPFULL or NICE suggestions please e-mail them to me. Righ now I DON'T need anyone trying to critisize what's going on. If there are any technical problems with the site then that is different. Talk to ya later!! ;-)
Update: Update: 3-5-01 By Goten:
Bejita is all finished with the Gundam section so tonight when and if I get time I will be updating it. See ya all Then!!!!!!
Update: Update: 3-5-01 By Goten:
Go to! If you have the sims this place has some of the best stuff around for the game.
Update: Update: 2-25-01 By Goten:
Hello everyone. The webmaster here (bejita) has gotten another page and is passing this one on to me. So as soon as he gets doen getting what he wants from ehre to his new site I will be uupdating and changing this site regularly. See ya then!!!
Update: 12-24-00 By Bejita:
One thing for today.
Update: 11-20-00 By Bejita:
Welp, I finished the mecha section, every last gundam is done, I guess I should take the slash out of it, huh? ^^;; Anyways, I'm still working on the mobile suits, ie. Leo, Aires, Taurus, etc. They should be done by tomorrow night, characters will be funky looking and new, and I'd have started in on the multimedia.
Update: 11-6-00 By Bejita:

This is what we used to look like, a year and 3 months back... scary isn't it? Well I'm working on the layout some more, and I should have it done by tonight.
Update: 11-5-00 By Bejita:
I'M BACK! Yes, website making got tiring, so I decided to quit for a while, but I'm back in town. I changed the layout, the name, my handle, and a buncha other stuff. DBZ should be done within a couple days, and you better watch out, because FINAL FLASH IS GONNA GETCHA
Update: 11-4-00 By Gogetta:
Well, Flareon wouldn't, so I am! Hi everyone, I'm Gogetta, a.k.a:Dragonite. I'm making my own site with Quatre's help and it should be up soon! Well, see ya'!
Update: 9-14-00 by Flareon:
Hi in pokemon news well i kouldnt get the news so ill post them up 2morrow k well g2g bye To get an e-mail list for aol/aim users only E-Mail me!

Dragonball Z
Supaa Saiya-Jin Two Gohan annhilated Cell Jr, and is now going head to head with the big man himself: Cell.

Gundam Wing
Endless Waltz is coming back, December 22, just in time for Christmas! For the Gundam Fan in your life... all you need is some cheap video editing software, and a couple blank tapes, and ya got yourself an Endless Waltz OAV!

Send me something, I don't watch it anymore.

Sailor Moon
Seeraa Muun Supaa S Season is on; It's better know as the Dead Moon Circus Episodes. Amazon Trio and The Amazoness Quartet are showing now, ya shouldn't have missed Friday's episode.

-Final Flash Top 10-

Seera Muun Chicks

1.Hino Rei
2.Kino Makoto
3.Fish Eye
4.Ves Ves
5.Cere Cere
6.Mistress Nine
7.Aino Makoto
8.Meioh Setsuna
10.Para Para

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