The One

She was, y'know. She really was.

No one believes me, they all say "You two weren't meant to be together, she's not for you, there's other fish in the sea."

Screw the other fish.

Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough. Maybe I missed the oppurtunity. Maybe I said the wrong thing. Maybe...I...



That picture don't do her justice, y'know? She's radiant, I daresay the most beautiful girl I've ever met. Oh, I could speak days about her, those eyes, those blue eyes...they spoke volumes with not a word, tore through your barriers, showed you who you were, and...

I'm off track.

I do that sometimes.


For three of the best years of my life, we were good friends.

Hell, still are, still are.

But I made a mistake: I told her more. I loved her.

Hell, still do.

Always will.

Love isn't chocolate, it's not pink; it's forever. Nothing can kill it. It can be buried, it can be...forgotten, it can be shoved aside for some nameless day when you've lost everything, for the day the Lord comes for ya, it'll come haunting you on Judgement Day, long-forgotten, the pain still fresh, and it will perservere. Beyond all else, love will perservere, even beyond relationships. If it's true.

Off track again.


She does that to me.

Still love 'er.


She don't love me back. Won't ever, from what I've gathered.

Still love 'er.

Can't stop.

The kicker is, 'member how I told you you can bury love, forget it, make it...past?

Don't work if ya still want to be friends.

No, indeed, it don't.

Everytime you see her, it's worse.

That gnawing.

It don't get better.

If you're lucky, it just buries itself.

I ain't that lucky.

Still love 'er.


This guy she's seeing?


My cousin, and friend.

Still friend.


Screw the trumpet, guess I should take up the dance.

There's more to tell, but I can't say it.

It don't have words, this truth.

And the sad thing is, most people will never experience it.


That's the "sad thing."


Cuz this is the real love, mate, this is passion.

It hits, it hurts, it misses, it kills, but either way, it's living.

Good for the soul, I suppose.

After all this, I...Sometimes I wonder'f I still have one?

Guess we'll have to wait for that day the Lord comes for me.

Guess we'll find out.


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