That's right, I post my decks. I'm a whore.

Well, I've played a variety of decks. Horrible, two stage two evolution decks, Rain Dance, Sponge, Agility, Energy Removal, Venucenter, Stall, Damage Swap *stall*, Charizard deck (this one was interesting, heh), to the creepy, fun, Brock's Ninetales. Right now I'm running Haymaker and Cleaner, two of my favorite decks. My current incarnations of each follow:


I believe that's somewhere along the lines of the deck; I haven't played it in a while, so it needs some tweaking. The Scoop Ups would probably be removed, and switch the dittos for Erika's Dratini.


  • 7 Fighting Energy
  • 6 Electric
  • 3 DCE
  • 3 Bills
  • 4 Oaks
  • 4 PP
  • 4 Energy Removals
  • 2 SER
  • 3 GOW
  • 3 RSA
  • 2 NGR
  • 2 IF
  • 4 CPU Search
  • 2 Scoop Up
  • 2 Hitmonchan/Brock’s Mankey
  • 3 Erica’s Dratini
  • 3 Electabuzz/TR Zapdos
  • 3 Scyther
  • 2 Narrow Gym
I haven't played this in a while, either. I had considered losing the fighting energy, and hitmonchan, but it lost some "punch," so to speak, but then it’d have to be trapper style. Maybe leave Mankey and *six* fighting energy as splash for wiggly. Not sure, still contemplating.
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