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Glenn: Either you're calling me a liar or someone is using your computer without your knowledge.

BigFatSexyGuy: Screw you, glenn. I never said ANY of that shit.

Glenn: Then who did?

BigFatSexyGuy: How the fuck should I know? One of my brothers, who also happen to use aim? Another person with a similar screen name? Maybe a FUCKING figment of your FUCKING imagination?

Glenn: ok... well... that proves it... Why can't you accept I'm not lying and someone like your brother said that... You'r the only guy on my bud list with THIS screen name. Figment? I'm not imagining you cussing me out right now.

Glenn: All I wanted to know was who... and you acused me? I have NEVER cussed at you. Just wanting an explanation.

BigFatSexyGuy: Look glenn, I've had no idea what happened the past two days.

Glenn: so why are you cussing at me????

Glenn: All I asked you to do was check the Coffee Lounge yesterday!

BigFatSexyGuy: What are you talking about?! Glenn: And you called me a Fuckin asshole and a gay faggot.

Glenn: I couldn't believe it!!!

Glenn: You kept going on and on about it so I just decided to ignore it.

Glenn: And I have yet to accuse you but ask you why that happened? I recieved it from THIS SN and so I can make a logical assumption that it was YOU or someone who was playing around with YOUR SN.

BigFatSexyGuy: There is no way I would call you a gay faggot. I think that is a derogeratory term for gay people, and I even yelled at Marsil9 for using it it the forums.

Glenn: .

BigFatSexyGuy: There is no way I would have said any of those things unprovoked to anyone. You've seen me on the forums, I have a short fuse, but I would never say any of those things even with provocation, and you never provoked me.


Glenn: I was shocked.

Glenn: Then find out who did it.

Glenn: It's obviously someone who has access to your SN.

BigFatSexyGuy: Either it was a hack, or one of my jackass brothers. I really have no idea what happened, and I'm freaked out.

Glenn: ANd if that same person has access to the forums with your name, that's gonna be messed up.

BigFatSexyGuy: Fuck. This could be painful.

Glenn: r they older than you?

BigFatSexyGuy: Yes. Three years and five years.

BigFatSexyGuy: Eighteen and twenty.

Glenn: damn.

Glenn: that sucks.

Glenn: are you on AOL or AIM?

Glenn: if AIM, make sure your password doesn't come on automatically.

BigFatSexyGuy: AIM. If I find out which of these idiots did this...

Glenn: My account is CORPORATE

Glenn: Glenn Productions.

Glenn: So abusing this is really bad.

BigFatSexyGuy: Let me log off. I'm going to see if the password comes up immediately.

At which point I logged off, and found out my password was showing up without me typing it. I told glenn, and never was a move made to reinstate me as a moderator. I assume this was an intentional snub, and I no longer felt welcome.