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  The Song of the Siren

  The bird pokemon cries as it dives off the edge of a seaside cliff.
  Swooping low over the crashing waves, it searches for foolish Magikarp... or
  possibly, if it is lucky, a tender, delicious Goldeen. Dodging a rock that
  juts up from the churning sea, it scans the waters for any trace of food for
  its young. A large object moves underwater... The Spearow lifts off just in
  time; a vengeful Gyrados bursts from the water, gnashing its teeth at its
  escaping prey. The long, serpentine beast growls angrily, and sinks back into
  the depths from which it came. Soaring high over the sea, the Spearow's eyes
  dart back and forth, searching for... what is this? A large vessel plows
  through the waves, pushing out from the mainland. As the Spearow scans the
  shallows, four young trainers are watching the horizon.
  "Wow." Says Jeff. "I can't believe we're really going to Cinabarr Island!"
  "I know!" Lizzie agrees, leaning over the rail of the boat. "Isn't it
  amazing? Gosh, it seems like a lifetime since I left Viridian..."
  "Man, I've been away from Stone Town for almost a year!" Rex exclaims.
  "By the time I get back, I'll have my learner's permit!"
  "Time has little relevance here." Katrina remarks, gazing thoughtfully
  down at the waves. "It can take a good trainer a lifetime to become a master."
  "True..." Jeff nods. "But I really think that we can beat anybody. Our
  pokemon are strong, and so are their trainers."
  "Perhaps so." Katrina replies, her hair blowing in the wind. A cool gust
  of air brings a slight chill into the group. "Well, it is getting late. I
  shall retire to bed. Good night, all."
  The dark-haired pokemon trainer marches purposefully to the room she
  shares with Lizzie.
  "I think I'll go too." Lizzie agrees. "I could use a hot shower. Brrr...
  It's awfully cold for this time of year."
  "Yeah, I think I'll turn in." Rex says, following Lizzie. "I want to
  check out something on my pokedex. You coming, Jeff?"
  "You guys go on in." Jeff says without turning around. "I'll stay out
  here awhile longer."
  "Suit yourself." Rex shrugs. "Just don't freeze yourself."
  The older boy departs, leaving Jeff alone on the top deck, staring at the
  full moon.

  "Come to me." The voice said simply. "Come. Right now."
  "Wh- wha?" Rex struggled against the voice.
  "Come. Right now." The voice demanded. "Don't wait. Come. Now."
  It was such a beautiful voice... Surely no one with such a wonderful
  voice could mean any harm... Rex was aware that he was walking. The soft
  feeling of carpet was replaced by cold, wet floorboards. He tried to think
  more coherently, but the voice wouldn't let him stop. He had to keep going.
  Suddenly, he realized he was standing atop the guardrail of the boat. The
  ship rocked beneath him, but he kept his balance.
  "Jump." The voice called. It was a woman's voice.
  "W-what?" Rex asked, trying hard to think straight.
  "You must come to me." The voice commanded. It was forceful, yet
  pleading. "Jump. Now."
  "B-but I?"
  Rex heard a splash. He blinked. Below him, he could see Jeff as he
  disappeared beneath the rolling sea.
  "Now." The voice commanded. Rex struggled, but to no avail. He stood
  tall, placed his hands forward, and prepared to-
  "STOOOOOP!" A new voice screamed. The piercing sound snapped Rex back to
  his senses, just as the firm hands that gripped his shoulders pulled him back
  onto the deck of the boat. He landed with a thud on the floorboards.
  "Rex! What happened?" It was Lizzie. She stood over him, screaming. He
  didn't answer. Instead, he fixed his eyes on Katrina, who was shouting
  something over the guardrail... right where Jeff had fallen...
  "Why were you about to jump?" Lizzie demanded. "What's going on? Tell me!"
  "I... I..." Rex sputtered. He shrugged helplessly. "I don't know!"

  "Well, he has amnesia." The ship's doctor reported to Lizzie, after
  exiting the examination room that Rex had been in for several hours.
  "Funniest thing I've seen in years... He has no recollection of anything that
  happened after sunset last night. As far as he knows, it is still yesterday.'
  "I just don't get it..." Lizzie shakes her head. "Why would he and Jeff
  want to jump off? It makes no sense!"
  "Ay, that is doesn't, Lass." A deep voice agrees. Lizzie turns to see the
  elderly captain hobble down the stairs from the top deck. A green Pidgey
  perches on its shoulder, squawking incessantly. "But, believe ye me, I have
  seen far worse in me life, that I have."
  "What do you mean, Captain?" Lizzie asks. The old sailor sits down on a
  "Well, consider the facts, m'dear." The captain scratches his chin
  thoughtfully. "Both of yer boys were wantin to jump o'er the starboard side
  of me boat. Listen closely, they both were headed in the same direction at
  the same time. Me men found no trace o the boy that went o'er the side, so me
  guess would be that he made it to land somewhar."
  Unrolling a seachart atop a provisions barrel, the captain points to
  their position.
  "The closest plot o land would be here-" He points to a large island near
  the sea route. He fixes her with his steady gaze. "The Seafoam Islands."

  "The Seafoam Islands?" Lizzie asks, amidst the gasps of fright from the
  ships crew. She is stunned to see grown men cower in fear at the very name of
  the tiny archipelago. "I thought they were a tropical resort?"
  "Ar, the West Island be a paradise, lass." The captain nods, sitting back
  in the rickety chair. "Quite the tourist spot. Hotels, casinos, and so on."
  The captain takes on a solemn tone. "But the other isle, Eastern Island, is
  "Cursed?" Lizzie chortles. "You don't actually mean that, do you Captain?"
  "Ay, lass." The old sea dog nods grimly. "Cursed by the wretched
  interloper, the Jynx!"
  "The Jynx?" Lizzie arches one eyebrow.
  "Oh, she be the most vile of all creatures," The captain shakes his fist
  at the ceiling. "The most twisted of all beings! Mind ye, lass, she lures
  sailors to her accursed isle, and they ne'er return!"
  "That's an old wive's tale," Lizzie rolls her eyes. "And I can't believe
  you take it so seriously, Captain."
  "Well, lass," The captain continued. "All I'll say is this. I would not
  like to be your boy on that island. Tis a miserable place, half-covered in
  swamp, where hardly a seaman has ever set foot. If he did make it to Seafoam,
  he surely be a goner by now."

  Lizzie marches dutifully towards the lifeboat. Katrina walks by her side.
  The captain follows them, desperately trying to talk them out of their
  planned mission.
  "I tell ya, ladies, it is foolhardy to undertake!" He flails his arms
  about. "Ye'll ne'er make it! Yer boy's a goner, and ye will be too if you
  follow him!"
  "Captain," Lizzie says tersely. "Do shut up."
  "We have no choice." Katrina agrees. "We have to find our friend. If
  there is some chance that he made it to shore anywhere, we have to see."
  "I tell you, lass, you'll never make it to Seafoam in that dinghy!" He
  shouts, pointing to the rickety rowboat they intend to use.
  "You could make it easier on us if you'd drop us off on the shore!"
  Lizzie snaps.
  "Lass, I shall continue to search for the lad on the open sea as long as
  I can," The captain crosses his arms over his chest. "But neither me men or
  myself shall set foot on that forsaken place."
  "And why is that, Captain?" Katrina asks, lowering herself into the
  "Because of the sirens, Lass!" He exclaims. "Egad, ye must've heard o
  them! They entrance young sailors, hypnotize them, bring them to their island
  where they disappear..."
  "And that's what will happen to Jeff if we don't save him!" Lizzie
  argues. She pats the captain softly on his shoulder. "Look, Captain, I know
  you want to look out for us, but this young man is like part of our family...
  I can't go on the rest of my life wondering if I could've done something for
  him. I have to find him. Please, try and understand."
  The captain lets our a long sigh. Then he nods. "I understand, lass. Ye
  had best take care of yeselves, though."
  "Thank you, Captain." Lizzie hugs the old man, and then steps down into
  the rowboat.
  "We shall be back, with Jeff." Katrina nods to the captain as they push
  off the side of the boat. "I hope..."

  "Wake up." A gentle, soothing voice enters into Jeff's mind. He stirs,
  and slowly opens his eyes. Light shines through a number of windows,
  illuminating the bamboo table he lies on. He is definitely in some kind of
  hut, as is evident from the grass roof above him. But what captures his
  attention is the gorgeous young woman above him.
  Jeff sits up abruptly, and hits his head on the low roof. The woman
  giggles. Jeff rubs his head, embarassed, and looks up. She is truly the most
  breathtaking figure he has ever laid eyes upon. Her long, golden hair ripples
  down her shoulders like gentle waves. Her crystal-blue eyes flash in the
  sunlight. She speaks in a lush, soothing voice.
  "Welcome, traveler." She whispers, her soft tone entrancing Jeff. She
  smiles warmly, her pearly teeth flashing before Jeff's eyes.
  "Who... who are you...?" Jeff asks. But it is getting hard to ask
  questions. Everything is so hazy...
  "Shhh...." She cooes, placing a finger on his lips. "No more talking. You
  are tired."
  As soon as her mouth forms the words, Jeff feels his eyes becoming heavy.
  He is tired indeed. So very, very exhausted. He slumps back onto the table,
  and begins snoring. The young amazon that has become his gracious caretaker
  smiles mischievously, eyeing her new guest. This one would be different from
  all the others. This one would stay with her forever, no matter what.
  "Jeff!" Lizzie's shout echoes through the canyon. She and Katrina
  cautiously venture across the beach and into the dense tropical jungle on the
  Eastern Seafoam Island. "Jeff! Can you hear me?"
  "Jeff, we are coming to find you!" Katrina cups her hands around her
  mouth and calls. "Stay calm, we are almost there!"
  Together, the two female trainers had been hiking through dense foliage
  for hours, ever since they landed on the shore of the enormous island. Now
  they were deep in the interior of the island, still searching for their
  missing friend. But their calls did not reach Jeff's ears; instead, they
  alerted another being to their presence.
  "Who dares to trespass?" The amazon hisses. She leans out the hut window,
  gazing down the cliff to where two young women steadily hike upward. Her eyes
  blaze with fire. "They are coming for him! They shall not take my guest!"
  "Hey, what's that up there?" Katrina points up the rugged path to a small
  thatch roof amidst the foliage.
  "Some kind of hut?" Lizzie asks, squinting against the sunlight.
  "Perhaps there are residents on this island after all?" Katrina
  speculates. Abruptly, she picks up the pace. "Quickly, we must see if anyone
  has seen Jeff."
  "Hey! Wait up!" Lizzie yells after her, running up the hillside behind
  the older girl.

  Meanwhile, back on the Salty Seadog, Rex's condition is no better than
  when the girls left. He groans with each tossing wave. Chansey, under
  instructions from Lizzie not to leave his bedside until she returns, sits
  patiently beside the young man. Shortly after the young woman left, Rex
  collapsed into a fitful sleep, and he didn't seem to be coming out of it.
  Having performed all of the medicinal care it could, Chansey sighs deeply. It
  glances out the tiny window and scans the horizon for any sign of an island
  on the horizon...

  "Hello?" Lizzie calls, opening the bamboo door to the wooden hut. "Is
  there anybody here?"
  "JEFF!" Katrina shouts, seeing the young man lying unconscious on the
  table. She is about to rush to his side, when a large, ugly figure looms in
  front of them.
  "What the...?" Lizzie exclaims, gagging at the horrid sight of the
  creature before them. Its long, black hair flows oddly in all directions,
  giving it the image of Medusa. Its grotesque, sickingly-red lips are bloated
  and puffy. The only things remotely feminine about it are the twin, blue eyes
  set into its face, shining like sapphires. Although, now they blaze like
  "Pokemon identified." The mechanical voice of Lizzie's pokedex announces.
  "Jynx. Pokemon number one hundred twenty-four. It wiggles its hips as it
  walks. The Jynx can cause people to dance in unison with it."
  "That... thing is a pokemon???" Katrina grimaces. "But... why does it
  have Jeff?"
  "JYNX!" The enraged pokemon shouts, swinging her fist at the duo of
  "Look out!" Lizzie cries, knocking Katrina out of the way. The two duck
  outside the door, just as a whole side of the hut crumbles into dust.
  "Thrash." The pokedex chirps. "A formidible Normal attack. Avoid at all
  "Oh, thanks." Lizzie mutters, rolling her eyes. "That's a big help."
  "JYNX!" It hisses, bursting through the door. Both her hands are
  surrounded with a faint, blue glow that grows stronger each second.
  "What is it doing?" Katrina asks, on guard.
  "Blizzard." The pokedex beeps. "Jynx's ultimate attack. A freezing blast
  that can and will envelope any pokemon or trainer withing thirty feet. Do not
  attempt to capture a Jynx capable of this skill."
  "Run for it!" Lizzie shouts, sprinting down the hill. Katrina follows
  suit, and the two make a mad dash for the base of the hill.
  Suddenly, Jynx releases the blast. A wave of sub zero energy swiftly
  flows down the hillside and covers the whole ridge in a layer of jagged
  frost. Instantly, trees splinter, plants harden and shatter, Pidgey take
  flight, and small Rattata flee for cover.
  "I don't know what you did to Jeff," Lizzie shouts from the bottom of the
  ridge. "But I'm going to make you give him back! Wigglytuff! Clefable!
  Two of the pokeballs in her pouch snap open, releasing two puffy, pink
  "Wiggullly-tuff!" The balloon-sized, rabbit-like pokemon squeals.
  "Cluh-Faaaaaaaaaable!" The impish, fairy pokemon hums, hovering seveal
  inches over the grass.
  The Jynx pauses momentarily, apparently sizing up her new opponents. Then
  it hisses and charges them, waving its fists wildly. Clefable and Wigglytuff
  avoid her, just barely.
  "Lizzie, I will assist-" Katrina starts, readying a pokeball. Lizzie
  holds out her hand for her to stop, however.
  "I'll handle this, Katrina." She says confidently. "You go and get Jeff
  out of the hut."
  "Jy-nxxxxx!" The lovesick pokemon groans as Clefable bombards it with
  shining energy stars.
  "I cannot bypass the Jynx." Katrina argues, unable to find a way around
  the line of fire."
  "Here, let me clear the way." Lizzie offers with a mischievous smile.
  "Wigglytuff, Mega Kick!"
  "Wiggly!" The balloon pokemon squeaks, hopping over to its disabled
  opponent. Then, taking in a big breath, it inflates to an enormous size and
  kicks Jynx over a cluster of trees.
  "Jynnnnnnnnnnnnnnx!" The pokemon wails as it hurtles into the forest.
  "Yes! All right!" Lizzie cheers, putting her arms around both pokemon.
  Katrina hurries into the thatch hut. Seeing Jeff still sleeping on the
  table, she grabs him by the shoulder and shakes vigorously.
  "Jeff! Wake up!" She urges him. He snores loudly in response.
  "JYNX!" The door bursts open, revealing the Jynx once more. Clefable and
  Wigglytuff tackle it from behind, knocking it to the ground.
  "We've got to get Jeff back to the boat!" Lizzie cries, running up the
  path. She groans, seeing him still asleep. "Oh, great! Now what?"
  "I suggest you take an arm." Katrina says, lifting up his left shoulder.
  "Good idea." Lizzie nods, grabbing his other arm. Then, while the three
  pokemon battle wildly, the two girls half-carry, half-drag Jeff out the door
  and down the path to the beach.
  "Jynx! J-JYNX!" The siren shrieks in rage. It suddenly throws Clefable
  and Wigglytuff off its back as if they were rag dolls. Then it sprints down
  the hill after the two girls.
  "Uh-oh, Lizzie, I think it's still after us..." Katrina gulps.
  "Quick! Make a run for the shore!" She shouts, dashing down the slope.
  "Don't you have any more pokemon?" Katrina asks, her athletic legs making
  long, graceful strides.
  "Of course!" Lizzie exclaims, reaching into her pouch with her free hand.
  "I sent Clefairy and Jigglypuff to Mr. Fuji, but I still have-"
  "LIKI-tunnngg!" A large, pink lizard with a huge tongue chirps, leaping
  from its pokeball. Jynx stops in its tracks, confronted with a new
  challenger. Clefable and Wigglytuff finally catch up with her, and the trio
  stares down the raging pokemon. They all seem to be waiting for someone to
  make the first move. Suddenly, it happens.
  "JYYYYYNX!" The psychotic siren screeches. It leaps high into the air,
  using its thrash attack to gain momentum. Lizzie's three pokemon leap after
  it, all four colliding in midair. A tremendous flash of light blinds Lizzie
  and Katrina. In that one instant, the battle was finished.

  Several nautical miles away, in the sick bay of the Salty Seadog, Rex's
  eyes open slowly. He bolts upright, stunned. He sees Chansey asleep in a
  chair. Then he leaps from bed, and runs from the room to the helm.
  "Captain!" The young man shouts, bursting through the door. The old
  seaman turns around shocked, his face white.
  "Good heavens, lad!" He exclaims. "How... how be this?"
  "I remember it all now!" Rex continues, ignoring the captain. "A Jynx
  hypnotized Jeff and me, and told us to swim to her island! But Lizzie and
  Katrina stopped me, and... say, where are they?"
  "Err... they be looking fer yer mate, Jeff." He says after a moment's
  "WHAT???" Rex shouts. "Are you joking? They went to face a Jynx by
  themselves?!? AND YOU LET THEM???"
  "I... I..." The captain sputters.
  "Turn this ship around." Rex growls. "You may have given up on them, but
  I haven't."
  "I'll not budge her an inch, lad!" The old man snarls. "And ye'd be wise
  to forget them! They be goners now."
  "NO!" Rex shouts, shoving him aside. He grabs the controls and turns hard
  to starboard. Sailors are flung to the ground by the sudden jerk. The captain
  grabs his shoulder.
  "What be ye trying to do, lad?" The old man yells.
  "My brother Rainer taught me how to sail!" Rex states bluntly. "I've got
  a good memory."
  "But what be the point o this madness?" The captain sputters. "Why be ya
  risking yer life fer the lot o them?"
  "Because they're my friends." Rex answers simply. "Wouldn't you do the
  same for your crew?"
  The old captain is stunned, completely speechless. Then he smiles. "Lad
  reminds me of myself," he thinks to himself. "When I was his age..."
  Back on the island, Lizzie and Katrina stand with Clefable, Wigglytuff,
  and Likitung on the shore. The Jynx lies on the ground, fainted. Suddenly,
  Jeff yawns loudly. He slowly sits up. His eyes open. He screams at the top of
  his lungs upon seeing the two girls.
  "Wh-What happened? Why are you here?" Jeff sputters, leaping to his feet.
  "Where am I? Why am I soaking wet? Why am I in my... BOXERS???"
  The two girls laugh as the younger boy dives behind a bush.
  "It's a long story, Jeff." Lizzie chuckles.
  "Yes, and we'd love to tell you all about it, later." Katrina adds
  Suddenly, a foghorn snaps them all to attention. The trainers cheer when
  they spot the Salty Seadog steaming toward the beach, all except Jeff, who
  sheepishly hides behind a fern.
  "The 'Seadog'?" Lizzie laughs. "I'll be... the captain must've had a
  change of heart!"
  "... Lizzie... Isn't that Rex at the helm?" Katrina asks, squinting
  against the sun.
  "What? No way!" Lizzie's jaw drops as she recognizes the young man
  steering the ship. Upon seeing them, Rex waves wildly, and if not for the
  captain grabbing the wheel, the ship would have hit a sandbar.