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The Temple of Pokemon Masters!

Wanna be a Pokemon Master?
This temple is your ONLY source for Pokemon news, tips, and insider secrets! Only here will you see the NEW Pokemon 2001 characters! (Not due for release until May/2001) Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master? This site contains tricks and secrets from REAL Pokemon Masters! Once you have viewed this site, you won't need to go anywhere else!
Good luck & Catch'Em All!

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To be the best, click on the links below!

-Become a Master, NOW!!
-The latest Pokemon news! (Updated daily)
-Insider TIPS & SECRETS from Pokemon Masters!!
-The Pokemon Index! (Complete Pokemon checklist)
-(NEW) The Pokemon 2001 Series! (NEW)
-Unseen footage from 'Pokemon: The Movie'! (Awesome)
-Pokemon: The Multimedia! (Very cool screensavers!)
-A message from the FIRST Pokemon Master...
-Click here to talk to me, a Pokemon Master!

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