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Electric Version

ELECTRIC fainted!
Electic DIED!

Yeah, that's right. I can't keep up electric anymore. It started out strong but I just couldn't keep up with it. I faltered and fell. It didn't help any that the last time I checked my main insperation, Red, it's quality had also began to falter.

Dang, it's been what? months now since I've been there. Yeah, I've been out of the pokebattles comunity for a while now. I've also been avoiding this for a while now.

I guess that this medium just wasn't meant to last for me. Other, more in depth I guess you could say, writing styles have caught me. Hopefully once I really get into them I won't just move onto another intrest after a while. Yet I seem to do that with all my hobbies and I always seem to return again.

If your still reading this, I bet you're wondering why I'm bababling like this. It's mostly for me. Well, I need to clear out all the pages of Electric and e-mail Jason that Electric is gone. Man, I need to look and see if Red is even still up. No, don't think about that one, girl.

I'm sorry if I'm depressing anyone by withdrawing another site, but at least this way there's room for someone else to come in. I'm suprised that the last time I checked pokebattles I wasn't removed from inactivity.

As I said, I need to get going. I wish I could have finished the story line, but I guess it was never ment to be. If you want to flame me for withdrawing my crap pile, just hunt out Doomykins or Draange, they might be able to tell you something.

Draca out.