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February 21, 2011


I saw in a vision, the winds striving on the sea. The Lord began to speak to me of the lions roar." Of the lion's need for meat. Of the pups that call their fathers "old geezers." God said that many are flaming geizers, filled with the Holy Spirit.

I saw the wind sweeping across the sea. The wind swept across the valley floor. And I heard these words: "Can these bones live?" (Ezekiel 37:3) The bones began to cry: "We are cut off fron our parts." And "Jerusalem must be made a praise in all the earth!" Jerusalem began to travel to the uttermost parts of the earth with their praise, and wells of living water sprang forth. I saw crippled people crawling toward these wells of living water. These pools in the very deserts across the globe. The graves of those thought to be a "done deal" were opened and I saw them come up out of their graves! And I called: Come out of your graves and I will bring you into the land of Israel." And you shall know that I Am the Lord when I have opened your graves O My people and brought you up out of your graves. Come up! Come out! For I will put My Spirit in you and you shall live! And I will place you in your own land and you shall know that I the Lordhave spoken it, says the Lord. (ezekiel 37:12-14) Do not fear! The bones began to rattle and it was like the clashing of swords!

I saw Libya (Put) Spain (Tarshish), and I heard Dedan goes softly. This is sword play said the Lord. At this time it is as the sword play of children. But it will intensify! Watch the maturingof it for there will be a sequence. They are learning from one another.

As two swords crossed, I saw the one wielding a sword say yo the others: We are brothers--We will turn our swords against another but we will remain unified in our purpose. But the one had an evil gleam in his eye and said in his heart: you aremy brother aren't you? And again: I am the brother of a serpent." And the cobra was crowned and arose and said to his brother: But I am the king and all shall worship me. But the brother said: I will not worship you for I am in this for my own good. And you do not have what I need.

The U.S. army was loosed into a new area. I saw the gulf states crying in travail. Waves of great height pounded the coastlands. People continued to work there. They pulled out their umbrellas and said: "We are covered!" But God exposed their lack of covering and they began to tremble with fear. They looked at their umbrella and pondered: "Why will this not cover?" The small print read: This will cover you if..."

Students began returning home. The military remained in place. I saw ships--each with a warhead in it's mouth, like a row of hungry lions. The lion dipped hisface into the sea and came up with bones in his jaws and I heard the bones snapping as he consumed them. But as yet there was no meat. No flesh or sinews. Only the bones crying: Who will save us? He dipped his face again into the waters and gave a low satisfying growl. Under the sea were submarines like minnows. But his eyes were on the waters looking for bigger fish.


Florida appeared. I heard the snap as of a very dry bone. But thesplinter of this wounded the lion in the roof of hismouth, and he cried out in pain. Then he was sick and unable to eat for many days. And there was great rejoicing. The cruiseshipswere happy anddeparted for distant ports.

One distant port was Spain. (Tarshish) At Madrid, Madrid appeared as if a woman in mourning, in a black lace mantilla with a red rose. And the cruise ships visited many times even as the woman seemed to lose her loveliness and her garments waxed old and the flower lost the bloom of youth, and another port was sought. And I heard these words: "They shall all wax old as a garment." (Isaiah50:9)

The shipsof Tarshish appeared embittered. The heat was sweltering and there was no shade in which to rest under some palm. Thieves were everywhere.


I saw in the vision the lion with the bones, like ribs in his mouth. Job 29:17) Job states: I brake the jaws of the wicked and plucked the spoil out of his teeth. The lion's jaws continued to snap! And I heard these words: Who is allowing the jaws to snap? I break the jaws of the wicked and pluck the spoil out of his teeth. DO not say within your hearts: "This is a done deal." Stop it in it's very process and effect deliverance in the earth. DO not allow yourselves to be mesmerized by his cracking and chomping, saying: Whom did he eat today? For this hunger is the very nature of the beast. Your part is not to watch and wonder after the beast, but to watch and pray and to take action when and where I command you.


The wi9nds strove on the sea. The Prophet Daniel said: THe first beast is like a lion with eagles wings. I beheld till his wings were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand upon the feet of a man and a man's heart was given to it. All these things will occur just as the Lord your God has spoken. Be sharp as atack says the Lord and not dull of hearing. Do you want the lion there in your ports? For there is aprogression to all of this.Be vigilantandkeep thegates of your cities with all diligence. They must remain open for a season.