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to the Writings on the Wall, where you will find poetry, Short Stories, an Interactive Story where you can add a paragraph, your Meaning of Poetry, my Song 2 Poem section where you write a poem based on a song and more. So just enjoy and participate in all the sections I got.

Note: I'm also taking inspirational stories, inspirational quotes, inspirational poetry, original inspirational lyrics, and essays.

Check out my new section A Look At Love which displays love poetry, love stories, love quotes, love letters, romantic tips and date ideas. Also taking original love songs.

Note: It seems like when people come into this site they just look around and don't participate or when someone submit a poem they forget about my site. When you come in, it's cool to look around, but participate. If you don't want to submit a poem or can't write one submit a quote or do the interactive story or submit your thoughts about the world of emotions section or just do something.

Add your poetry or literary site below!

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Featured Poem

She Was


T.J. Daniels

She was my sun
I was her moon.

She was my music
I was her tune.

She was the violin
I was the strings.

She was all of
my favorite things.
as it always does.

And so did she
that's why she was.


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