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at the hotel andromeda
text by Kristy Bowen / image by Lauren Levato
dancing girl press, 2007
$15.00 (includes S&H)
limited copies available from dancing girl press

A stay at the hotel andromeda might include insect parts, palmistry, birds, ballerinas and Coney Island rides. Might include botanical prints, odd trinkets, library cards, matchbooks, maps and postcards. Poems that evoke girls in boxes, girls turning into sparrows. Lost passports, shipwrecks, paper boats and surgical pins. Is tucked with train tickets, tokens, all matter of interesting ephemera. Inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell, and in the spirit of Cornell's shadow boxes and collages, (most noteably his "Portrait of Ondine" what he himself termed an "exploration" of papers, cards and photos) this collection of material will delight both Cornell fans and novices alike.

Each room of the project is one-of-kind and absolutely beautiful, both materially and aesthetically. Each "exploration" is numbered and varies in content for a unique reading/visual/tactile experience. Think of it as a room to be explored, drawer by drawer, cabinet by cabinet. Think of it as love letter to Cornell himself, a gift, a collection of oddities to be experienced and adored.