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updated 09/11/02


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The voices of many, united as one

In this time of great sadness and pain, when words seem inconsequential, sometimes they are all that we have.  They have become our bonding therapy in order to help us understand, cope and recover. 

So many words have already been said, and so many more will be.  I feel that by banding together, reading the words of others, and possibly voicing our own, we shall find that bond, that unity that defines us as a nation, and as a society.  America is the greatest country in the world, and in this, our darkest hour, we shall soon show those celebratory naysayers, just what we are truly made of.

These are a collection of the voices of others, both past and present, which hold relevance.  If you have anything you would like to contribute, submit or comment on, please email me at Together, the voices of masses shall unite and create an unbreakable bond of faith, love and patriotism.  

In the greatest darkness, we shall find the bright light of the human spirit which shall guide us through