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An elderly Jewish man confronting Alzheimer’s

I grow weary of numbers,
tumbling to a shimmering dust.

There is no getting back
except through forgetting.
I have remembered too long
and too much, now I long
to touch the silence
between drops of rain.

Sunlight dances on my eyelids,
the moon escapes the net of faces,
the universe folds
like a sleeping flower,
and all is altered
by the sound of a fly
spinning circles in a glass.

Let the mind return
to rivers
seeking arterial destinations.
I will hide my face
in the soonest wind.

Touch me, touch me,
Rabbi Akiva…
Show me the hiding place
where no one is alone.

Sean Lause has been published in The Mid-American Review, The Minnesota Review, Poetry International, Epicenter, The Blue Collar Review, The Iconoclast, Arsenic Lobster, The King’s English, Shemom, The Gihon River Review, The Mother Earth International and Frog Pond. He teaches courses in Shakespeare, Literature and the Holocaust, Composition and Speech at Rhodes State College in Lima , Ohio.

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