Kendall A. Bell

Awkward Moment #1

We spent several moments
above polyester sheets older than my brother
the innocence of kissing
was tarnished by our age difference

She interrupted our routine one afternoon
with a new idea
my rigid body tensed
as she brandished the small packet

Between she and the last
had been days of depression
and no fucking
and she could tell

Coming For You

you are hunted down
whether you realize it or not
I've been lurking around your life
spying on every detail
I wait for the moment to innocently
assume myself into your thoughts

now I sit behind a screen
await your reply
glide soft hands over hard keys
and think of how your hands
would feel over softer parts of me

minutes later my answer comes
your image in a tiny square
I trace your face with my finger
knowing I can have you
whenever I want

Kendall A. Bell is a native of Bergen County, NJ (North Jersey) who transplanted to Burlington County (South Jersey) in early 2001. His poetry deals with the frustration of everyday life, teetering dangerously on sanity's edge and the hope of better days. His work has appeared in Rowan College's Venue magazine, Splat! Fanzine, Inferno, Edison Literary Review and the online journals Prose Toad, Sunken Lines, Baby Clam Press and The Barefoot Muse. He has self published nine chapbooks of poems over the last eight years. He has also recorded two spoken word cd's. He is a co-founding member of the Quick And Dirty Poets. A long time curmudgeon, he is now working on codger status.

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