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Sometimes a ringtone is just a ringtone, but not very often.
Mostly they say things like "hope you got away from yourself safe,"
or "reformat a thief into a reverted serf," or "felt more real
watching it onscreen." This is not a technological book, it's about
people, so it's techno-illogical-- it's about hiding & thieving & occasionally,
love. sirois has written here a stunning documentary attempt at re-lyricizing
our stupid alienations. He succeeds, we don't. Ahoy there Group Gropers,
press send.
Rod Smith

justin sirois is the gentle herald of the now. Where the ear is
trained to sibilance and crash, here the loop reloops an antidote
to noise, a synesthetic love affair. Suddenly, the message transmitting
from the screens of the handheld everyday and the artifacts of commerce
is one of generosity, a restorative beat. The now can seem like a
condition where only the most austere and grating seer can survive,
yet here the gentle, generous agent thrives as "Pirate" beguiles. It is
the juncture of technophile and worldview, the imperative sum of a man-bag,
mixtape and stolen kitten. No time capsule you crack will be more entrancing.
Heather Fuller

Cannibalism, pirates, zombies, ringtones, corporations, kittens,
pea coats: Secondary Sound is about cycling and recycling. Like
the journal of a pirate marooned on a deserted isle, this book
tracks the sifting of 21st century culture for anything usable,
something sustainable, something that won't devolve into something
toxic. There's an equally deep anxiety about the desire for
those things what if Pirate does create the ringtone to silence
all other ringtones? What if stealing from the polycephalic mega-corporations
is just corporate training boot camp? Cannibalism has an ethics;
all heads come from heads; we're just looking for a little harmony.
Ken Rumble