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Ric Royer
sound by
John Berndt

There Were One & It Was Two (nh7

A book that you can hear, a cd that you can read. "There Were One..." uses items borrowed from The Doubles Museum, curated by Canadian artists Jill Millings and Dr. Armand Rudge, to examine the double in its uncanny manifestations. Learn about Klaus the Two-Person, hear the lonely cries of lovers afraid of loving, feel the mist of the mysterious Gemini Fountain. Includes a booklet and cd designed to be read/listened to simultaneously.

tracks -

1- "There Were One..."; Visiting relevant exhibits at the Museum of Unnatural History in Zürich, 1998.

2- "Introduction to the Museum"; Long electronic phase doubling with field recordings from Buffalo, Montreal, and Calgary.

3- "Obsidian"; Music composed for four Obsidian drills.

4- "The Two-Headed Nickel"; Selective application of the Ives-Stillwell time dilation effect to the signal. Thanks to Kate Porter for cello performance in Venice, Italy.

5- "Rural Autumn Interlude"; Mobile permutations of mirror-state material.

6- "The Bloomfield Coincidence"; All of the instruments of the modern studio perform a palindromic piece, "The Way of The World,"filtered through themselves both forward and backward.

7- "The Twins"; Sounds made with the Aleatron (an instrument invented by Q.R. Ghazala), with an application of "Berndt Delay Convolution" to the voice.

8- "The Redivider Box"; Both halves of the audio were designed around the inflection of a single pause in the middle of the text.

9- "Vera the Cats"; Sub-audible discourse streams amplified with special quack equipment.

10- "The Mountain and The Universe"; Ric Royer in duet with self, with the assistance of a ventriloquist dummy and a multi-speed tape recorder.

Ric Royer is a writer, performer and performer of writing. He tours regularly as a performance lecturer for the Performance Thanatology Research Society, a group dedicated to the advancement of higher histrionics since 1999. He is also a founding editor of Ferrum Wheel, an organizing member of the Transmodern Festival, and a frequent performer with Bufffluxus.

John Berndt, born 1967. Continuously develops his non-reductionistic sensibility in relation to thought and experience, interacting in a subversive and culturally straining way with major referencepoints such as philosophy, music, light, economy, and language. Seeks coherent novelty. Grew up as a member of the cultural vanguard of the West and today seeks benevolence without compromise as he attempts to recover from that experience. Becoming, not being.

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