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narrow house recordings

this recording has over sixty minutes of poetry

Anselm Berrigan

Pictures for Private Devotion (nh1

tracks -

1- Pictures for Private Devotion (3:00)
2- My Babysitters (2:54)
3- To a Broken Surface (0:30)
4- The Position of the Planets on the Human Forehead(1:52)
5- Token Enabler (2:50)
6- 7/4/2000 (1:17)
7- Recalled to Life (2:43)
8- 8/1/97 (1:29)
9- Universal Generic Themes and Meanings (1:19)
10- My Poem (0:47)
11- From Colorado Springs to Boise City (2:04)
12- "I send you an envelope full of comets..." (0:30)
13- Not All There (3:15)
14- Security (1:25)
15- Postcard to Brett Evans (3:58)
16- Strangers in the Nest (1:51)
17- No Knock Knows You're Awake (2:07)
18- "Plastic white bag..." (0:59)
19- Looking Through a Slant of Light (1:18)
20- Anti-Preening Poem (0:40)
21- In the Paint (3:39)
22- A Poem for Patriots (1:30)
23- In the Manufacturing Belt (2:05)
24- The Page Torn Out (1:13)
25- from Zero Star Hotel (13:34)

listen to:: 'i send you an envelope full of comets...'

Anselm Berrigan is the author of Zero Star Hotel and
Integrity & Dramatic Life (both from Edge Books).
He is also the author of a few chapbooks, including
Strangers in the Nest (Dolphin/Newlights Press), They
Beat Me Over the Head With a Sack (Edge), and On the
Premises (GAS). He lives in New York City, and is the
Artistic Director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church.

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