When we said forever
We meant for a while
Until morning light comes
And we yawn off our words
There is life in the making
And love for the taking
And itís far too late for regrets

You have found what you seek
And I havenít yet lost
But we both know that something
Is coming between us
Itís too late for mistakes,
Itís too late for loose ends
And itís far too late for beginnings

Lift your voice, darling, sing,
Raise your cupful of wine
To the sweet, tender sound of the lyre
When the drinking is through
And the loving is done
There will yet be warmth by the fire.

Hey! More wine, and more song!
Someone get me my purse
Thereíll be silver and gold for all here
We can make our amends
When the merriment ends,
But tonight thereíll be joy and good cheer.

Take this night, take my hand
Drink in one thirsty gulp
All the words that we never did say
Our mistake wast to think
That we still had a while
But forever is only today.

May 2001

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