I cried out for you in the centre of night,
Where stars mingle white on a platter of deep,
Where oceans melt into teardrops of salt
And nothingness silences sorrow.

I cried like an animal cries in the dark,
Through incomprehensible, terrible, stark
Reality of being alone in the night
With nothing to mourn me.

I cried out for someone to free me from me,
Too frightened to know that it had to be you,
And even the stars stared unblinking and cold,
Their distance unbearably human.

I cry out again, knowing you will not hear
And crying because, or in spite of the silence,
The sky whispers down to me, gathers me in
Embraces my soul - and I curl up inside it,

Trying to pretend that it's you -
So easy.

Tango 6 July 2001

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