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My husband David and I had only been together for 2 months when I learnt I was pregnant on Valentines Day 2002. I went of for a scan 3 weeks later. When I went to the doctors to see if all was ok we got the news that we were expecting twins. We had joked about it just 2 days before. We were very excited and nervous about it all.

The pregnancy went along without any problems. I was not very big but the doctors were happy with everything. My due date was October 20th 2002.


I was hospitalised for 3 days due to high blood pressure. I was only home for I day when early the next morning my water broke. It was Monday the 16th of September, 5 weeks early. When we arrived at the hospital I was already 5 centimetres. After just 4 hours and about 5 pushers later little David made his entrance into the world. After about 45 min later it was clear that Taylor was not going to come out by herself so I went for an emergency c-section.


I was put right out, so Iím told that as soon as she was out she had to been revived. They told us that there was not much hope of her surviving, but of course we prayed and prayed that Taylor was going to prove them all wrong. She was transferred to a hospital about 1 hour away. I had the choice to go with her, but David could not as he was fine. So in the end I chose to stay with David. Taylor had all sorts of test. They all proved the same thing. Brain damage. She could not sallow or keep her airways open. All of her other organs were in perfect working order. After all the test were done, and the results came back we decided to set her free and let her go to the place she was always meant to be HEAVEN.  


Our precious angle died at 10.59pm on Wednesday the 25th of September. She was 1.5 kilos and 44 centimetres when she was born.  The doctorís think that the placenta was not working properly, but it was not picked up. They determined that she suffered damage while still inside me and also rolled over after David was born and cut of the blood and air supply which did not help.


There 1st birthdays are fact approaching and the anniversary of her death. I only hope that we can get through the coming weeks ok. On one of my bad days my husband said to me that she was sitting on my shoulder giving me kisses and whispering in my ear. That is what I think keeps me going. As well and our beautiful baby David. I am trying every day to live her life not her death, she lived for 9 beautiful days and gave us so much love, courage and a greater understanding of what life and family is all about.


There is not a minute that goes by that I donít think of Taylor and wish she was with us, but I know that she is in the place she was meant to be right from the start. That does make me feel a bit better but does not stop the pain or the tears from falling. I know that Little David has a special angle in heaven watching over him and keeping him safe. I only hope he understands when he gets older that his little sister died to protect and keep him and our family safe and happy.


He has a very special bond with our little angle in heaven that we will never understand, but he and his sister will and thatís all that matters.


Written with all the love in the world to our baby Taylor in heaven. Love from Daddy, Mummy and big brother David. xxoo


Sheridan and David from Cold Coast Aust










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