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Hyrum Enoch Nonito  Gacosta Boehme

20th December 2001

40 weeks gestation

(Stillborn with no apparent reason)









To Our precious little Angel,



Our memories of you sweety will never fade                      

Youíll always be in our heart and minds                                 

Though itís hard to believe youíre not here with us                     

Wish we could put our arms around you and hold you tight  


Today is your first birthday, a very special day for all of us,           

We brought you a poem that comes from our hearts                     

Though we cannot touch you or see you                                 

But youíll always be our little darling                                 

We hold you dearly in our hearts.  


We do think of you, out there, perfectly well and safe

In God's Loving Arms, you're truly blessed

So let's all believe one day

In God's own time we will meet

Meanwhile let's be faithful unto the Lord

And fulfill our mission best


Time is precious like Pearl and Gold

So Hyrum, always be Happy, have much fun and be good,

You'll always be our precious little angel,

who is so pure, innocent and perfect

God knows all about everything

What is good for you and all of us





We love you forever,

Mummy, Daddy, and Mosaih


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