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Angel Baby's story

10 weeks gestation



My husband and I are very young. we are 21 yrs old. But I have always wonted a child. As long as I can remember I've wanted a little boy.

On may 12th 2002. (Mothers day) I conceived my child. When I was 5 wks pg I suspected I was pg, but I wasn't for sure. I was getting very sick, so deep down in my heart I knew I was.

 I Told my husband, and after the shock wore off we were very excited for this child we both loved. On June 15th I took a pg test. And before Even 1 minute it showed two lines. I knew it I was pg. I and my husband were very scared. We didn't know what to do. But we knew we had a child on the way.

I was in love!  I loved the thought of a part of my love growing inside me. I started to eat right. All of the right foods, and do everything healthy for my baby. I also was excited about my small growing tummy. I was beginning to out grow my jeans, I could still wear them but they were getting tight! So I was VERY excited about shopping for maternity clothes soon.

I never knew what sex the baby was. But I truly believe with all of my heart it was a boy.  A girl would have been a blessing too. I'd love to dress and do my little girls hair. Daddy would have two girls then. At 7 wks I began to have morning sickness. I threw up, up to 4-5 times a day. for 3-4 wks I had morning sickness.

Toward the end of June, I started to have severe back and stomach pain. The pain traveled from my tummy to my side. I knew I was having a m/c. I prayed to God that if I was going to have a m/c that He would take the baby away. I wanted Him to take it away no one else. I ask him to not let it, or me suffer.

At the very end of June. I was at 10 wks when I lost my baby. His birthday would have been February 2nd 2003. I will celebrate his birthday (and mothers day) as long as I like. This year, my husband plans on doing something special for me on that day. I hope he does, and I know he will make me feel special on that day. Even though my baby did not live very long inside me. He did live. He did grow, and he was loved.

I AM a mother, and always will be! The doc told me that my baby wasn't growing, and wasn't healthy. That is why he was taken away. I know one day, when it is the right time, God will know that we can take care of our child, and He will give us another, healthy baby back! I cant Wait till that day! I want to be a mother so bad! and I long to be pg. For as long as I live I'll never forget being pg for the 1st time. Even when I have another child I will never forget this one.

Since my baby has been gone, at first it was hard but now has gotten easer. I am no longer sad as much, when I cry it is mostly to let the pain and stress out. I have bought several things to remember my baby by: Memory box, Angel pin, 10 wks hands & feet pin, Angel bear, Memorial rock, ect...I find great comfort in adding to my Angels memory box.


This is my story... of My first angel.

"Angel Baby"
May-June'02 10 wks
Mama's 1st angel

Please visit my baby's webpage.  I'd like every one to know how much he was loved. And how hard I've worked on it. Please also look at my photos, and sign the book,

Thank you all!!!


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