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Unknown Title

I keep searching, but always fail
I get someone then they want to bail.
His words were so kind,
It was happiness again that I knew I would find.
But the glow is gone once again,
Now its time for the pain to begin.
I knew I should have not hoped so high,
I just didnít know the happiness would so quickly die.
I sit and play the waiting game,
Just until I know he doesnít want the same.
His words grasped my heart strong,
That is why the happiness didnít last long.
He may be able to say what I long to hear,
But he will not always be here.
I keep running from the pain of it all,
Yet I always hit a wall.
A wall of confusion and pain,
There is never happiness to gain.
I will continue to search for the love I yearn
It doesnít come without pain is what I need to learn.