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Unsure Love

I have lost you,
My fears have come true.
My whole heart to you I could not give,
There is now a new place for your love to live.
I keep waiting for you to see me.
Then I see there is a new love to be.
I long for your touch,
But is that asking too much?
I yearn for your kiss,
There is so much that I miss.
You think I have found what I need,
But all this pain makes my heart bleed.
The knowing of what could be
That is the fear that is haunting me.
I hold in my hand a future so bright,
I just wish that the timing was right.
I love you and I know I do not regret,
That waiting may be the best thing yet.
I see you as you are passing by,
Could you see it made me cry?
We never know what the future may bear,
I just hope that you will always be there.
I leave this knowing what is best,
You have shown me more compassion than the rest.
I love you and I hope you see it is true,
I will be waiting for you.