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She sits and quietly waits.
The love that surrounds her shines brightly.
She realizes her heart is true,
she knows his love is whole.
But can she be all she needs to be?

This secretive girl is easily scarred.
It is not because of him,
the one who gives love so freely,
that she allows her fragile soul be bruised.
It is not because of his actions or his words,
it is only by the minute things she holds.
She has doubts on her lips,
the past at her fingertips,
the words on her lips,
and the pain all through her soul.
Here comes the one who will see it all.
He is the one who will protect her wounds.
His love is like a bandage,
a feeling that is uncovering slowly the blemishes.
She is letting him nurse her,
letting him know her,
letting him help her,
and allowing him to love her.

This love is so true is will never betray,
this feeling is so real it will never fade away.
As time goes by she begins to change.
Happiness shines in her eyes,
the future is at her fingertips
and peace flows through her soul.
All of this because of one man.
The man that has captured her heart,
and who will continue to forever more.

She sits quietly and waits,
the love that surrounds her shines brightly.
She realizes his heart is true,
she knows her love is whole.
No more waiting she now knows,
this is her wish come true.