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My Thoughts

When will people realize how I feel?
It seems like people don't understand.
I'm fighting an unending battle inside.
The doctor thinks that he can cure it with a pill.

What people don't know is that I am not here.
Physically my body is fine,
But it is the inside that doesn't exist.
Nobody really knows my fears.

I say that everything is fine.
I tell them that I am okay,
But what I don't say,
Will take up too much time.

I am a bother, that's how it seems.
Some people don't care,
Some people don't understand.
It seems like I am living a dream.

When will the feelings show?
I hide it all day with a smile.
I escape to my darkness with the evening.
I am so afraid to let people know.

If people care, why don't they show it?
If people listen, why don't they answer?
If people understand, why don't they comfort?
If people love, why don't they share it?

There are few who listen,
There are few that care,
There are few who love,
And there are few that are there.

Those are the ones I love.
They believe in me,
They love and care for me,
They are the ones that were sent from up above.

God is always there no matter what.
He gives me special friends to care.
The tasks they do may be small,
But it is God showing through them that matters most of all.

It may seem that I am looking for sympathy,
It may seem that I am looking for grief,
But God knows my heart and motives.
He knows that I am only looking for peace.