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Pain of Love

I promised to never hurt him, and I did my part.
Why is he the one to play games with my heart?
In the beginning it was pure bliss.
Once again it is happiness that I have missed.
“We were meant to find each other,” is what he said.
Then why is he just putting thoughts of regret in my head?
I love him and I don’t know if I should.
I know that I will sit here and wait for him if I could.
When I met him I always had another on my mind.
Now he is the one who is searching for a new love to find.
I tried to make him happy and I guess I have failed.
If I treated him the best then it should be love that prevailed.
I keep remembering all of the reassuring things he told me.
Now all I can think of is the sadness that has come to be.
I still hold on waiting for a clue.
When will he decide if his love for me is true?
I would sit and wait for the day when he says goodbye.
I know that I will be strong and not show him how my heart will cry.
I still have him and that matters the most.
But will his love be gone and just haunt me like a ghost?