The Ugly Leprechaun

I am an ugly Leprechaun;
I follow you around.
I watch you through the window,
from not too far away.
I take my pointy fingernails,
and brush them through your hair.
When you are sleeping
I can see you there.

My heart is torn and tattered
for I desire you.
I am an ugly Leprechaun
hopelessly in love with you.
I've been around for centuries,
but always by your side.
I see you when you're laughing and
I see you when you cry.

I am an ugly Leprechaun
who comes within the night
to steal your dreams
for life.
I walk within the darkness
and shy away from Light.
I want your body;
I want your skin.
I want to take your soul.

You cannot look upon me,
or my distorted face,
for I am so very ugly
that you would only faint .
I hate it when you pray,
it frightens me away.

Your Guardian Angel protects
you from my pointy claws,
and keeps me at a distance
when I look at you in awe.
I want to take you with me
to a darkened land,
where you can be my Princess
and meet my other friends.

You saw me once
when you were a child,
in my black trench-coat,
and ran to tell your Mom.
But, she did not believe you,
or nor your sisters too.
I was that ugly Leprechaun
who frightened you.

I am an ugly Leprechaun
who comes to possess your soul.
I lurk within the darkness
admiring you so.
If only there was no Jesus
to keep you safe from me.

I gaze upon you sleeping
and in your waking hours.
If you care to stumble,
especially when you stray,
I'll be there to catch you,
with a kiss of death along the way.
When you are not with Jesus
I'll carry you away.
When you're not with Jesus
I'll just carry you away.

by Dotttie


Dedicated To
Katie DeMatteo
For the Theme Idea
Thank You Katie
My Daugher-In-Law