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Help for Hypoglycemia!

First, I need to put a HEARTY DISCLAIMER on this...This is presented for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the sound advice of a qualified medical professional. I have provided links, doctor searches, etc. so that you can find practitioners to help you in this area.

Hypoglycemia is often due to low adrenals, or more specifically low cortisol levels, though there can be other causes (tumors, insulinomas, etc). Raising the cortisol levels effectively reverses the hypoglycemia in many/most people. Some people also will need help to work on vitamin deficiencies, raising T3 thyroid levels, etc. In fact, I have talked with one person who said upping her T3 got rid of her hypoglycemia, but I would say that for most people this is not the norm and that most will need to explore low adrenals.

The book "From Fatigued to Fantastic" by Teitelbaum has an excellent discussion of the connection between low adrenals, low thyroid, and hypoglycemia in chapter 3. I personally take the herb macca and it has reversed my hypoglycemia (in conjunction with everything else my doctor is doing for me), but other people take cortisone (cortef) to equally great benefit. All depends on what you can get and what you prefer. But I do have an article on macca on my site as well. Hair analysis might also be helpful to you.

We should not suffer with hypoglycemia when it is so "curable"!

I know that I have not discussed diet at all, but that is partly because I don't consider it the "cure", but rather a way of adapting to the symptoms. But if diet would help you for the moment, a great book is "The Low Blood Sugar Handbook" by Krimmel. Please notice also, that as I stated in the beginning, there are definitely other things that can cause hypoglycemia. Although low adrenals/low cortisol levels are a very common cause according to Teitelbaum, obviously you would not want to miss a larger, more serious issue that could be causing your symptoms. It is wise to seek skillful, experienced medical advice on this topic. See my state list and my doctor finding tips.

And now here are some links to keep you busy for a while:

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- yes, they recognize low cortisol levels as causing hypoglycemia in DOGS, but not people.