Relatively True: Stories of Truth, Deception and Post truth
from the Indian subcontinent and Australia.

Edited by Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle
Orient BlackSwan, May 2022.

Contributing authors: Shirley Hazzard, Eugen Bacon, Gulzar, Meenakshi Bharat, Alex Cothren, Tony Birch, Devika Brendon, Sharon Rundle, Cate Kennedy, Anne Benjamin, Sujata Sankranti, Kate Grenville, Priya Sarrukai Chabria, Andrew Kwong, Mitra Phukan, Bashabi Fraser, Yasmine Gooneratne, Rashida Murphy, Sunil Badami, Niharika Chibber Joe, Matt Lupton, Susanne Gervay, Janhavi Acharekar, Gayatri Gill, Julia Prendergast. Proem by Dr Roanna Gonsalves.
Foreword by His Excellency, The Australian High Commissioner to India, The Honourable Mr Barry O’Farrell AO. Orient BlackSwan

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Editors Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle

brings you the Indian Edition of
ONLY CONNECT: Stories about Technology and Us from Australia and the Indian subcontinent.

ONLY CONNECT: Stories about Technology and Us from Australia and the Indian subcontinent.
Editors Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle

Brass Monkey Books.
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Alien Shores

Another exciting volume of Short Stories from Australia and the Indian subcontinent,

May, 2012.

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Fear Factor
Terror Incognito

Stories from Australia and the Indian subcontinent.
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Cover Designer: Anand Naorem.
(First Published Picador India, 2009; Picador Australia 2010)

ENCOUNTERS; Modern Australian Short Stories
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    BEYOND THE GRAVE, cover by Robyn Ianssen.

  Pulling Up The Blind, cover by Robyn Ianssen.

      Trust Me, I'm A
cover by Robyn Ianssen



Fiction and non-fiction published in Australia and internationally in print media, radio, websites and CDs, including:

Society of Women Writers magazine "Women's Ink!"


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GLASS WALLS: Stories about Tolerance and Intolerance from the Indian subcontinent and Australia.
Editors Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle

brings you the Indian Edition of ONLY CONNECT: Stories about Technology and Us from Australia and the Indian subcontinent.
More, including latest reviews at Trust Me, I'm a Storyteller

Only Connect: Short fiction about Technology and Us.
Our third enthralliing volume of Short fiction from Australia and the Indian subcontinent.
Stories of crime, mystery, murder, relationships, romance, humour and more.
Authors include: Manisha Jolie Amin, Janhavi Acharekar, Sunil Badami, Meenakshi Bharat, Devika Brendon, Roanna Gonsalves, Yasmine Gooneratne, Anita Heiss, Julia Mackay-Koelen, Mridula Koshy, Anu Kumar, Bem Le Hunte, Chandani Lokuge, Sophie Masson, Kiran Nagarkar, Felicity Pulman, Malik Sajad, Sujata Sankranti, Neelum Saran Gour and Annie Zaidi, with Foreword by Susanne Gervay.

Alien Shores
Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle bring you another exciting volume of Short Stories from Australia and the Indian subcontinent, in which eminent authors including Linda Jaivin, Jamil Ahmad, Arnold Zable, Susanne Gervay, Amitav Ghosh, Deepa Agarwal, Ali Alizadeh, Joginder Paul, Michelle Cahill, Sujata Sankranti, Tabish Khair, Sophie Masson, Andrew Y M Kwong, Julia Mackay-Koelen, Bijoya Sawian, Anu Kumar, Abdul Karim Hekmat, Sharon Rundle and Meenakshi Bharat explore the theme of refugees and asylum seekers. A variety of perspectives takes this volume of short fiction into some surprising new territory. A foreword by Rosie Scott gives the stories context and articulates the theme that underpins the stories. From the moving to the shocking, these tales will linger in the reader's mind.
Published by Brass Monkey Books. May, 2012.

Fear Factor, Terror Incognito
an anthology of stories by authors from Australia and the Indian subcontinent. Authors include: David Malouf, Rosie Scott, Thomas Keneally, Susanne Gervay, Jeremy Fisher, Denise Leith, Andrew Y M Kwong, Devika Brendon, Guy Scotton, Salman Rushdie, Kiran Nagarkar, Neelum Saran Gour, Gulzar, Jaspreet Singh, Sujata Sankranti, Tabish Khair, Meenakshi Bharat, Temsula Ao, Janhavi Acharekar and Meera Kant; with foreword by Yasmine Gooneratne.
Co-edited by Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle,
published by Pan Macmillan Picador India in October 2009 and Pan Macmillan Picador Australia, March 2010.

Agathokakological Aussie Summer Mosaic of Stories
Free to access, thanks to our generous contributors. Please click on the stars and enjoy the stories.

The Peacock Memosaic
from our Season of Inspiration writers

An Interactive Global Online Writing Course


Orient BlackSwan

Glass Walls: Stories of Tolerance and Intolerance.
A Parcel of Dreams

Seeds & Skeletons - UTS 2016 anthology.
Kiewa Creek Diary.

Indian Edition of ONLY CONNECT: Stories about Technology and Us from Australia and the Indian subcontinent.

Fugue for Guinea Pigs.

ALIEN SHORES: Tales of Refugees and asylum seekers from Australia and the Indian subcontinent.
Ariel's Song.
Edited by Sharon Rundle & Meenakshi Bharat and published by Brass Monkey Books [2012]

Commonwealth Broadcasting Association CD

Room Six
Recorded at the BBC in London by actor Darlene Johnson for
broadcast on radio stations around the Commonwealth

ENCOUNTERS: Modern Australian short stories
Edited by Barry Oakley, this anthology has stories by Tim Winton, David Malouf, Peter Goldsworthy, Sandy McCutcheon, Sophie Cunningham, and many other Australian authors
Published The Five Mile Press, November 2006

Beyond The Grave
The Price Tag and The Crown
Reviewed in The Sydney Morning Herald, March 25-26, 2006 Spectrum, IN SHORT FICTION

Comments from Peter Bishop on my short story The Price Tag which is included in this anthology:
I've known the work of Sharon Rundle for some years. Let me invent a category for writing such as Sharon's: quiet hauntings. You read the story, and hours later and then hours after that you realise it's still there in your mind:

'Since my father retired he has been roped into helping with his wife's good works. Laying up treasures in heaven, as she calls it. After dinner she's a whirlwind in the kitchen, making cakes and tarts and biscuits for the old people. The rich smell of pastry and cooked fruit sends sweet messages to my stomach and I burn my tongue on a jam tart.
"Don't feel you have to wash up, dear," she says. "Just because I've been up to my elbows on my feet all day."'
Quiet but deadly.

Peter Bishop, Director of Varuna The Writers' House.

Comments from Elizabeth Webby in her introduction to Beyond the Grave:
'In her stories, 'The Price Tag' and 'The Crown', Sharon Rundle deals with the all too common family fallings out over an inheritance. In the first story, however, the tone is largely comic, while the second is full of tension and violence."

More SHORT FICTION was published in:
Penwomanship [USA] [2005]
Samyukta [India] [2005]
trAce 'Decade' Quilt [UK] [2005]
Clean, The London Women's Library [UK] [2005]
MH 14 (UK) [2003]
Illness Journal (USA) [2003]
Pulling up the Blind [2002]
Trust Me, I’m a Storyteller [1999]
The Pencil Orchids Fourth Anthology [1999]
Commonwealth Broadcaster [1998]
Fantasia [1997]
Out of the Mist [1997]
LiNQ Volume 23 No. 2 [1996]
Pencil Orchids Second Anthology [1995]
Pencil Orchids Anthology [1994]
Plenty Valley FM Radio [1994]
LiNQ Volume 19 No. 1 [1992]
Sydney Morning Herald [1992, 1990]


"The Bogans", Channa Wickremesekera, Review in Confluence (UK) (August, 2020). 

"One Bright Moon", A. Kwong, Review in Confluence (UK) (May, 2020).  

"My Van Gogh", Chandani Lokuge Review in Confluence (UK) (February, 2020).  

"The Art of Sharing Stories" in FemAsia, January 2018.

"Transnation and Feminine Fluidity: New Horizon in the Fiction of Chandani Lokuge" in Claiming Space for Australian Women's Writing. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

Book review: Saffron and Silk by Anne Benjamin. Transnational Literature Vol. 9 no. 2, May 2017.

Tackling the Topic of Terrorism Southerly Journal: 70.3 ~ India India Issue, University of Sydney (May 2011).

Strutting Our Stuff
Desert In Bloom ~ Contemporary Indian Women's Fiction in English  [hardcover, Pencraft International, India. 2004]
Strutting Our Stuff

"A corroborative critical role is performed by the dynamic perceptions of Australian Sharon Rundle, the 1998 Commonwealth short story regional award winner, who analyses what it means to be a woman writer; the responsibilities and the problems that come with it ... In this context, she praises Sujata Sankranti and her The Warp and the Weft and Other Stories for 'her valuable contribution to international literature with her sensitive storytelling.'"
Meenakshi Bharat, from the Introduction to Desert in Bloom

Desert in Bloom  reviewed in The Hindu

Desert in Bloom  sales point

The Myth of Women Writers
Samyukta, January 2005. Vol. V No. 1. pp.342-346
Published by Women's Initiatives, Thiruvananthapuram, India.


Her work has been published in Australia and overseas
, in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, anthologies, e-zines and CDs; and has been reviewed in metropolitan newspapers. Most recently The Indian Herald,
August 18, 2012 & September 26, 2012. She has written regular columns and articles for national, independent and rural newspapers for over twenty years. Including: Women's Ink!; FemAsia; New Ceylon Today; UTS Writers' Connect; Caring for the Coast; Every Other Week; Sydney Morning Herald; The Sun-Herald; The Central Coast Express Advocate; The Central Coast Sun Weekly; The Mountain Districts Community News; The Valley Voice; LINC; Ozlite-zine editorial; ISIS HSC CD; NewsWrite; The Writers’ Voice.


University of Technology Sydney, Vice-Chancellor's 2014 Postgraduate Student Travel Grant to attend IASA Conference in Kerala, India.

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) 2012, University of Technology Sydney.

University of Technology, Sydney, Alumni Award for Excellence 2010

Commonwealth Travel Grant 2010 through the Australia-India Council which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Grant 2010.

Commonwealth Travel Grant 2009 through the Australia-India Council which is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi Silver Medal

UTS Faculty of Education, Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Award and Medal for Superior Academic Achievement

Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Short Story Prize

Short list Glen Eira Award

Denis Butler Memorial Short Story Award
Shire of Eltham Short Story Award
Kellaluca Publishing Prize for fractured fairytale
Viewpoint Manuscript Award
The Sydney Morning Herald "Circular Letter"

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